Download Guided EVAN 101 Quiz 1

Download Guided EVAN 101 Quiz 1

EVAN 101 Quiz 1: Introduction

  1. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort advocate reading the 10 Commandments in personal evangelism.
  2. A spiritual conversation is evangelistic even if it never brings up Jesus or the Gospel.
  3. According to Pace & Wheeler, the Christian calling is a calling to salvation and not a call to serve.
  4. In Paul’s harvest analogy, the Gospel is the seed.
  5. Salvation is tied to:
  6. According to Chapter 8, the reason people are lost is because of sin.
  7. One reason we misunderstand the Gospel is that we misunderstand the true nature of sin.
  8. The Bible is clear that there is one and only one Gospel.
  9. According to Chapter 8, because the Gospel is a universal message cultural barriers do not need to be crossed.
  10. According to Pace & Wheeler, God can use uncomfortable, inconvenient, and even awkward conversations to bring people to Himself, but He cannot use our silence.
  11. Because you will have trouble! ending a special! c technique or method, Pace and Wheeler recommend that you do not follow Jesus’ witnessing example with the woman at the well.
  12. Francis Schae” er argued that talking about sin will turn lost people away from God.
  13. According to the Bible, “Sin” is lawlessness.
  14. According to Early & Wheeler, a believer plows the! eld for evangelism through both prayer and service.
  15. Jesus is the best example of using gimmicks and tricks for evangelism.
  16. According to Earley & Wheeler, more than one element is involved in the harvest.
  17. According to Earley & Wheeler, spiritual farming requires both time and hard work.
  18. According to Earley & Wheeler, Christians reject pluralism because of the lack of exposure to other views.
  19. According to Pace & Wheeler, even when Christians adopt service as an intentional lifestyle, it can still be difficult to initiate spiritual conversations.
  20. The book of 1 John has more than a dozen tests to o” er assurance of salvation.
  21. According to Earley & Wheeler, a harvest is just an event and not a process.
  22. In 1 Corinthians 3:6-9, in order to bear fruit a seed must be:
  23. According to Pace & Wheeler, evangelism can require a person to stay involved even after the Gospel presentation is over.
  24. Will McRaney shared that we cannot harvest where no seed has been planted.
  25. Evangelism is:
  26. According to Pace & Wheeler, listening is as essential as talking in personal evangelism.
  27. According to Earley & Wheeler, because of God’s sovereignty, it is not Biblical to pray for people to get saved.
  28. According to Earley & Wheeler, the same crime committed against a being of higher status is a greater transgression.
  29. According to Earley & Wheeler, Old Testament stories such as the creation and the fall cannot teach New Testament Christians about evangelism.
  30. According to Earley & Wheeler, the parable of the sower teaches to spread only a little seed because it may get wasted.
  31. This week you watched Zach Lee’s videos where he outlined the Gospel into 6 points. For this essay question, you now will outline the Gospel in your own words. You may use content from other sources, such as textbooks, but do not use block quotes. Make sure the points are numbered with Scriptural support included in the descriptions.

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