Download Guided EVAN 401 Quiz 3

Download Guided EVAN 401 Quiz 3

  1. John Wesley is an example of an evangelist with a prison ministry.
  2. Billy Graham lists revival as well as evangelism as a goal of his crusades.
  3. Evangelism and revival are synonymous.
  4. Ron Hutchcraft argued that an evangelist should communicate with youth the same way he or she does with everyone else.
  5. Most Christians come to know the Lord by age 14.
  6. Ironically thousands of evangelists came to Amsterdam in 2000, but Billy Graham was not able to attend the conference.
  7. Billy Graham is considered the Father of Modern Missions.
  8. Most of the meetings at the Lausanne Congress of 1974 were smaller workshops.
  9. Revival is concerned with the renewal of God’s people.
  10. Phillip the Evangelist is mentioned in:
  11. According to the video, the follow-up process has this many steps:
  12. Reaching international students requires traveling overseas.
  13. James Davi’s acronym for goals was the word:
  14. Evangelism is concerned with those who do not know Christ.
  15. Counselors need to be prepared for responses other than salvation at a crusade or festival. –
  16. Barry St Claire is an Irish monk evangelist.
  17. According to Billy Graham America, like the rest of the world, needs revival.
  18. To avoid confusion, children should not be trained to evangelize other children.
  19. According to Ray Crowne, the largest people group in the world is youth culture.
  20. According to the video, an evangelist has responsibilities to:
  21. Strategic Planning means that one can change methodology and pursue new ideas.
  22. In what year did the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have an evangelism conference in Amsterdam?
  23. To stay focused on Christ counselors should avoid talking about church with those who respond to an invitation.
  24. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was founded in 1950 in Minnesota.
  25. Since God is sovereign Christians do not need to pray for revival.


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