Download Guided GLST 200 Quiz 8 Global Christian

Download Guided GLST 200 Quiz 8 Global Christian


GLST 200 Quiz: The Global Christian Movement

Module 8: Week 8

  1. One type of mission agency is one that does “service missions.” Which of the following BEST describes service missions?
  2. Tentmaking brings credibility to the worker, helps him/her identify with the locals, and models the Christian life to new believers.
  3. To be a part of the World Christian Movement, you must become a foreign missionary.
  4. The Lausanne Covenant argues that Christian presence, without proclamation, is a valid form of evangelism.
  5. Tentmaking can be defined as:
  6. is a term that describes when Christian business professionals become effective in their workplace.
  7. According to Harper, a World Christian is not dependent on location or vocation, it is a mindset.
  8. Ralph Winter mentions several ways you can mobilize yourself for missions. Which of the following does he mention?
  9. American evangelicals spend more on weight loss programs each year than they give to mission agencies.
  10. The Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization brought together participants from over _____ nations.
  11. David Bryant points to what Old Testament passage as a template for missions?
  12. The Lausanne Covenant was signed in what year?
  13. Using business as a vehicle for missions is a new concept.
  14. What are the two types of work within the World Christian Movement that Ralph Winter names?
  15. The Lausanne Covenant outlines the dangers of cooperation and discourages cooperation whenever possible.
  16. Christian __________________ Development seeks to help the world’s poorest people start successful, God-honoring businesses with the help of small loans.
  17. Every Christian is meant to be a World Christian.
  18. A(n) ________________ is a day-to-day disciple for whom Christ’s global cause has become their integrating, overriding priority.
  19. Hickman, Hawthorne, and Ahrend list four disciplines that help World Christians live life on purpose. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  20. Christians intentionally finding employment in cross-cultural contexts is called …
  21. Christ followers who are not in vocational full-time ministry require a career change to make an impact in missions.
  22. Local churches do NOT have the potential and resources needed to advance world evangelization.
  23. There are people in the USA from almost 200 countries in the world.
  24. Hickman, Hawthorne, and Ahrend list four practices of the World’s Christian journey. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  25. Tim Keller lists several ways that faith informs our work. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

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