Download Guided GOVT 220 Quiz World View 2

Download Guided GOVT 220 Quiz World View 2



  1. Which worldview rejects any belief in the spiritual or supernatural?
  2. What arose out of protest for major changes due to the Industrial Revolution?
  3. Which statement is not true about the Industrial Revolution?
  4. Hegel believed that
  5. The Modernism incorporates
  6. Which of the following is true about Marx’s theory?
  7. Which of the following statements about communism is true given its history?
  8. Progressivism came into being because of concern about
  9. A tenet of progressivism regarding solutions to poverty is that
  10. Today progressivism stands for
  11. Progressivism believes decision-making is best made at
  12. The Postmodern world view has brought forth all of the following ideologies except
  13. The Bible requires the rich to care for the poor by
  14. Marxism is an example of
  15. Feminism is an example of
  16. Multi-culturalism is an example of
  17. Progressivism is an example of
  18. Critical theory is an example of
  19. Queer theory is an example of
  20. What is a policy outcome of multiculturalism?
  21. What is a policy outcome of Critical Theory?
  22. What is a policy outcome of Queer Theory?
  23. What is a policy outcome of Biblical Christianity?
  24. What is a policy outcome of feminism?
  25. What is a policy outcome of Marxism?

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