Download Guided GOVT 327 Quiz 1

Download Guided GOVT 327 Quiz 1



  1. The difference between a federal system and a confederacy is that
  2. Federalism is best described as a
  3. The advantages of federalism include all of the following except that
  4. The Framers of the Constitution held to the belief of English political philosopher Thomas Hobbes that
  5. The Constitutional Convention’s debates centered largely on
  6. McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) enhanced the power of the national government by stating
  7. There seldom is tension between the national and non-national governments in a federal system.
  8. A unitary system is a political arrangement in which the power of the central government is derived from the member states.
  9. The enumerated or delegated powers in the Constitution are those that
  10. The practical devices placed in the U. S. Constitution to control factions included all of the following except a

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