Download Guided HIUS 360 Quiz The Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Download Guided HIUS 360 Quiz The Essentials of Entrepreneurship



  1. During the 1850s, states amended their constitutions to outlaw political entrepreneurship, resulting in which of the following?
  2. Which of the following was a dramatic consequence of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation:
  3. True or False: The Hamiltonian tradition was a socialist movement that advocated against all the benefits of free markets and a capitalistic economic system.
  4. Beginning in the 1790’s, there are two distinct traditions toward American markets: one, the ________________ tradition led by members of the Jeffersonian-Republican Party; the other, the __________________ tradition led by the Federalist Party and subsequently the Whig Party.
  5. True or False: According to historian Burt Folsom, there is a difference in American history between those who advocate free markets or economic entrepreneurship, and those who advocate for politically controlled markets or political entrepreneurship.
  6. True or False: Through cutting costs and outproducing his competition, Andrew Carnegie performed extraordinary public service as he forced prices for steel downward until it became a basic metal.
  7. True or False: The surprising fact of the Civil War was not that the Union did not use statist policies to direct the business community as a whole, but that the Confederacy did.
  8. Which of the following was not a result of the de-politicization of the American economy during the 1850s?
  9. During the late 1800s, high-volume production machinery permitted managerial change in the area of continuous process technology. James B. Duke’s ____________________ illustrates not only the rapidity of change, but the scope of dominance one company could have.
  10. Tariffs are taxes on _________.
  11. In the 1830s and 1840s, the economic trend switched from   _________ to ____________.

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