Download Guided HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 6

Download Guided HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 6



  1. Sun Yat-sen
  2. The purpose of the Qing system known as “dyarchy” was
  3. Unemployed samurai warriors were known as the
  4. In the late nineteenth century, the Qing lost control over its empire due to all of these events EXCEPT
  5. After 1905, schools for girls opened widely across China.
  6. By the end of the sixteenth century, of Japanese had converted to Christianity.
  7. Why was the Treaty of Tianjin considered humiliating for the Chinese?
  8. In Korea,
  9. Kangxi was arguably the greatest ruler in Chinese history.
  10. In most respects, China had an advanced economy in 1800.
  11. Which of these was NOT a Meiji economic policy?
  12. The first Jesuit missionary to arrive in Japan was
  13. The medical doctor who formed the Revive China Society was
  14. Probably the best-known artistic achievements of the Ming era were the famous
  15. The Japanese commander who seized Kyoto and spent his last years trying to consolidate his rule was
  16. In 1802, the divided country was reunited under the Nguyen Dynasty.
  17. Hong Xiuquan
  18. In a response to the reforms initiated by Emperor Guangxu,
  19. With an aroused concern over the emergence of Japanese imperialist power in 1894, the European powers forced the Japanese to
  20. By 1900, China had changed dramatically from the way it was one hundred years earlier, due mainly to
  21. In Qing China,
  22. In Korea, a class of slaves called chonmin worked in specified occupations.
  23. By the eighteenth century, had replaced the cloth of choice for most Japanese.
  24. Whose goal was to establish a “Heavenly Kingdom of Supreme Peace”?
  25. To bring an end to the opium trade, China
  26. The Russo-Japanese War
  27. The Ming were in a period of deep decline when the Portuguese arrived in 1514.
  28. An outstanding example of Chinese architecture during the Ming and early Qing eras is the
  29. Korea
  30. The peasant revolt that brought down the preoccupied Ming Dynasty, and precipitated the ascension to control of the Manchus, was led by the disgruntled postal worker.

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