Download Guided HIWD 375 Quiz 1-2-3

Download Guided HIWD 375 Quiz 1-2-3



HIWD 375 Quiz 1

  1. The Chinese war is viewed as an acceptable instrument of policy in any future foreign policy planning:
  2. China is compared to a turtle for what reason in the video:
  3. Most Chinese territorial claims and ambition today can be drawn back to the ___________ dynasty.
  4. The moral leadership demonstrated by Mao came from his support among the ___________ unlike in the USSR, which depended upon the _____________.
  5. The Chou dynasty saw the implementation of the concept of the ___________.
  6. A strong consideration in any use of force from a Chinese perspective is to restore:
  7. The Ming retreated to the island of _____________ to escape the Manchus (Qing):  a common thread in Chinese history.
  8. The 1958 arrival of the 7th Fleet into the Taiwan Straits (Second Taiwan Straits Crisis) may have prompted Mao to decide to enter into ___________ for the purpose of war and going it alone without the USSR:
  9. The three Kingdoms and Sui dynasties revealed the challenge of:
  10. The battle of Talas in 751 saw the Arabs defeat the Chinese during this dynasty____________.
  11. The Tang dynasty like the Han saw the maximization of force used for the purpose of:
  12. The bloodiest Civil War in History and representative of a threat from the south would be:
  13. An attempt at centralization and a golden age of China occurred when the __________ dynasty used gunpowder in an ancillary role against the superior northern barbarians with stirrups and bows firing on the move.
  14. The historical vulnerability of China arguably now secure is the:
  15. The movement of the US 7th Fleet into the Taiwan Strait shortly after the ________ War started in 1950 may have presaged Chinese entry into the war.
  16. The Shang dynasty introduced the idea of domesticating the barbarians or hiring them to assist in the guarding of borders also known as:
  17. The wave of northern “barbarians” who maintained their ethnic and cultural distinctions longer than most and represented the last dynasty before the Chinese revolution were the:
  18. The severity of the Sino-Soviet split occurred in 1969 when Chinese and Soviet forces fought in western China (Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang region):
  19. The concept expressed in class is that the worthiness to lead is a function of the ability to maintain control and earn the Confucian concept of:
  20. In 1962, The Chinese entered ____________ in an attempt to “liberate” and further secure the borders of China adjacent to Tibet.

HIWD 375 Quiz 2

  1. In the Battle of Tsushima Straits during the Russo-Japanese War, the Japanese demonstrated a modern propensity to seek:
  2. Geographically speaking, what peninsula is pointed at the heart of Japan and has historically offered a bridge to continental Asia to the Japanese?
  3. What has been the primary role of the Samurai throughout Japanese history arguably been?
  4. The Mongol invasions of Japan represented the greatest amphibious assault in world history up until D-Day.
  5. A legacy of the Samurai tradition of maintaining order through decentralized control tended to show up in the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars with difficulty in :
  6. The term that represented the spiritual intercession into warfare and demonstrates a cultural response to weather is the:
  7. The Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 saw high casualties of infantry assaults continued from the age of bowmen and arrows to firearms:
  8. The video argues geography played a role in the Tokugawa Shogunate and the social/cultural changes of the samurai in isolation because of:
  9. It is argued in the video that the geography of Japan lends itself to:
  10. The term expressed in the video for the “tent headquarters in the field” would be the?
  11. The Japanese today have an army recently deployed to Iraq and a navy among the best in the region:
  12. The Sino-Japanese War saw traditional weaknesses of ____________ in Japanese planning:
  13. After nearly total devastation in World War Two, the Japanese would recover and eventually rebuild their military under the guise of the ____________.
  14. A uniquely Japanese aspect of the use of military force resulting from the Mongol attacks in 1274 and 1281 would be:
  15. The distance from Japan to Korea is roughly ______ times the distance from England to France.
  16. The Satsuma Rebellion saw the emergence of a “new samurai” that would emerge reflecting the past use of force to ensure stability. The characteristics emerging from the “new samurai” would include:
  17. World War One arguably served to extend Japanese possession in the Pacific and could be blamed for the concept of ____________.
  18. The Tokugawa Shogunate essentially saw the Samurai return to a role more like:
  19. The term used to describe the “Code of the Warrior” is:
  20. By the Ashikaga Shogunate and Sengoku period, we see the use of huge numbers of Ashigaru armed with __________ and Samurai serving as __________.

HIWD 375 Quiz 3

  1. The shocking defeat of what European power brought Japanese control to Korea and neighboring Manchuria and eventually resulted in Korean annexation in 1910?
  2. The major power to the north of Korea historically has been :
  3. The view of the Korean situation appeared to be of the opinion that the military advantage generally lay with the:
  4. The army of the South (ROK) generally excelled at:
  5. The ethnicity, language, and culture of Korea tend to be uniform throughout the peninsula:
  6. It is argued in this lesson that the divisions of Korea tend to be related to its:
  7. After the peasant revolt of 1894 what two great foreign powers intervened in Korea and fought for the first time since 1592?
  8. South Korean rejected by Woodrow Wilson at Versailles and at the Washington Naval Conference who desperately attempted to bring attention to the United States of the plight of Korea under Japanese control was:
  9. Joseph Stalin decided to endorse Kim’s request to attack the south, particularly after what event?
  10. In 1947 the United States embraced a grand strategy of containment as evidenced by its decision to :
  11. For the North Koreans, by 1950 almost total dependence existed upon:
  12. The mineral-rich area to the north of Korea and a lure for foreign powers ultimately attempting to settle into Korea was?
  13. A  sea power to increasingly influence Korea from the south after the 7th Century AD would be:
  14. The Japanese tended to build industrialized areas in Korea to the north and left agricultural production to the south.
  15. During the Russo-Japanese War, a quid pro quo seemed to indicate the US would accept Japanese control over the Korean Peninsula as the US would gain control where?
  16. A possible explanation argued for in this lesson for Korea’s divisions historically could be:
  17. The geographic shape of Korea is generally a/an:
  18. What outside power’s scorched Earth policies tended to encourage an isolation mentality within Korea, eventually earning it the sobriquet or nickname of “Hermit Kingdom?”
  19. By 1948 the US military had effectively transferred what from Korea?
  20. Throughout 1949 Korea found itself involved in:
  21. The more agriculturally productive part of Korea would be in the north:
  22. During the age of steam during the 1890s, Korea signed a peace treaty with what foreign power to allow Christian missionaries to trade into the nation?
  23. The decision to draw the line at the 38 th
    parallel was made without regard to geographical considerations and was intended to be only a temporary administrative arrangement:
  24. The climate of Korea is generally considered to be:
  25. The longest dynasty of continual peace and centralized control on the Korean Peninsula is considered to be that of what dynasty existed from the 14th to the 20th century?

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