Download Guided Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 2

Download Guided Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 2


  1. Protestant iconoclasm was not just the simple destruction of religious images but a large-scale crisis of ecclesiastical and political form, a general crisis of cultural authority.
  2. Beginning with Gutenberg’s Bibles and indulgences, the old messages and the new medium acted upon each other.
  3. Martin Luther felt every person should read Scripture for themselves, but did not believe they should interpret it for themselves.
  4. The Reformers were heavily influenced by
  5. The Peasant Wars began as a result of the teachings of Martin Luther.
  6. The Counter-Reform began with the
  7. An example of a Baroque-era painting shop was that of
  8. The Council of Trent decided to follow the advice
  9. Prior to Gutenberg, movable type had not been invented anywhere in the world.
  10. The study of nature from a continuing shift toward Aristotelianism led to inventions resulting from the many discoveries.
  11. One of the big influences to help spread Reformation ideas was
  12. The Council of Trent mandated that the Church should buy art that
  13. Martin Luther believed there was no need for priests as intermediaries between God and man.
  14. Change always follows the spread of new ideas.
  15. The mandate for greater naturalism in art resulted in a demand for more apprentices.
  16. Prior to the steam press in the 19th century, men of learning were in close touch with mechanics and merchants.
  17. The Reformed Church continued to purchase religious artwork from artists.
  18. John Bunyan refused the “Common Prayer book” because “I did not find it commanded in the Word of God.”
  19. There was a paradigm shift in the philosophy of the Catholic Church that pushed the Counter-Reform
  20. The Spanish church was more Neoplatonic and mystical than France and Italy.
  21. The principle of the textual authority of Scripture was a primary instrument of Protestant iconoclasm.
  22. In order to not fall into image worship, Calvin even forbade the use of figurative language or metaphor in explaining the Word.
  23. The Cardinals felt the Reformers were hoodwinking the unlearned peasants with improper doctrine.
  24. Iconoclasm was never an issue prior to the Reformation.
  25. The Protestant countries did not use the style started by the Counter-Reform.

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