Download Guided Liberty University BUSI 504 Quiz 4 

Download Guided Liberty University BUSI 504 Quiz 4


  1. Formal leaders may exert a powerful influence over followers without exercising effective leadership.
  2. is considered a barrier to effective leadership development organizational because it prevents individuals Quiz having to live with consequences of their actions and learning from their successes and failures.
  3. The effectiveness of leadership will be judged not by personalities and traits but by the impact those actions and behaviors exert on the change process.
  4. In leadership development, recruiting candidates with outstanding technical skills:
  5. is an individual who is granted authority, usually based on hierarchical position.
  6. Rapid upward movement of personnel through the hierarchy can work to hurt an organization’s ability to develop effective leadership.
  7. Knowledge possessed by employees at lower hierarchical levels puts them in an excellent position to understand the degree to which the change goals articulated and pursued by upper management are both being implemented and achieving the desired results.
  8. According to Spector, leadership’s primary role in change management is:
  9. Selecting an individual for a leadership position who has always worked in one functional area has which of the following downsides:
  10. Given a combination of experience, training, and circumstances, a wide array of individuals can be effective leaders.
  11. Moving from individual to shared leadership is desirable, and is:
  12. Strong, demanding leaders are the most effective at leading change.
  13. Companies that retain market domination over long periods tend to develop leaders
  14. Organizational purpose is:
  15. The exercise of power is the same as leadership.
  16. The flow of information from lower to higher hierarchical levels is called:
  17. The of the chief executive can influence the behaviors of other organizational leaders.
  18. Inadequate attention to leadership development can ruin a company, even an industry.
  19. Particularly in situations of strategic renewal and change, formal leaders need to learn about how their effects are proceeding through a process of mutual engagement with employees at all organizational levels.
  20. Maintaining centralized decision making is suggested during a period change.
  21. Effective leaders need to take specific steps to ensure that communications move both upward and downward, and is best they simply response to all questions, fully and completely.
  22. Autonomy places decision-making authority in the hands of employees who are best able to respond, and respond quickly, to a dynamic environment.
  23. When leaders impose change on their organization, often the results are and
  24. With narrowly focused functional managers rather than broadly based leaders, organizations become:
  25. In leadership development, recruiting candidates with outstanding technical skills:
  26. Effective change efforts are built on a drive to achieve outstanding performance.
  27. are clearly articulated and challenging performance expectations.
  28. Which of the following actions does NOT help create a shared purpose?
  29. To transform an organization from a collection of individuals into a coordinated, interdependent unit requires that transcends instrumentality.
  30. There is still much that is controversial about going green.
  31. When it comes to going green, most organizations follow a predictable path, starting with vision and compliance before becoming managerial, strategic, and civil.
  32. are the set of values that are implicit in actions or patterns of behavior.
  33. is a tool for measuring multiple outcomes; financial performance, customer satisfaction, internal process excellence, and employee learning and growth and the connection of those outcomes to the vision and strategy of the organization.
  34. Informal design changes associated with going green start with building high levels of collaboration.
  35. Sustainability becomes fully integrated into a company’s business strategy in the managerial stage of responsiveness to issues of sustainability.
  36. are actions of an organization designed to meet requirements imposed by law.
  37. is a public relations effort which claims environmental virtue without making any substantive organizational change.
  38. Voluntary action taken by organizations designed to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations is called:
  39. “Greenwashing” is a public relations effort that does not involve organizational transformation.
  40. Which of following is NOT one of the five stages of responsiveness to issues of sustainability typically followed by companies?
  41. A sustainability balanced scorecard can help an organization measure its performance on the triple bottom line.
  42. is an organizational approach to defining performance that takes into account social, economic, and ecological dimensions and assumes that the three are mutually reinforcing.
  43. are objective measurements of a firm’s social and environmental impact.
  44. Corporate sustainability does NOT necessarily involve voluntary efforts on the part of organizations.
  45. are the values called upon by individuals to explain or justify their course of action or pattern of behavior.
  46. Which of the following is NOT a driver for companies’ sustainability efforts?
  47. Going green starts with a visionary statement from top leadership.
  48. Effective “green visions” have three characteristics in common:
  49. Sustainability and going green is the same thing.
  50. Which is NOT an advantage of going green?

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