Download Guided Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 2

Download Guided Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 2



  1. Around 1600, who was one of England’s most eminent Puritans and exponents of “Covenant Theology”
  2. The Augsburg Interim in May of 1548 was met with:
  3. Jakob Arminius’ sermons and theology were condemned at which Dutch Synod?
  4. Who ordered the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in which 20-30,000 Protestant Huguenots were slaughtered?
  5. Fausto Paolo Sozzini led which group of radicals in the late 16th century?
  6. The adumbrates in Spain were feared by Philip II because they believed:
  7. Which peace treaty, signed in 1552, “created the basis of a settled understanding between Catholic emperor and Protestant imperial territories?”
  8. The Duke of Alva ruled the Netherlands for the Habsburgs through the.
  9. What did the Peace of Augsburg establish in 1555?
  10. The Reformed, United Provinces of the Netherlands declared themselves independent from Spanish control in 1579 and took as their prince.
  11. Who was the author of the English Book of Common Prayer?
  12. Don John of Austria led the Holy League to victory against the Ottoman Turks at what famous naval battle?
  13. The ideology of Gallicanism stated:
  14. Antinomianism is a heresy that states:
  15. What battle ended in a victory for Charles V over the Protestant Schmalkaldic League in
  16. (Variant 1) Explain the different stages of the Council of Trent (1545-1563). How did it change the Catholic Church? In what ways did it remain true to the traditions of the Church?

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