Download Guided Liberty University HLTH 349 Quiz 1

Download Guided Liberty University HLTH 349 Quiz 1



  1. Highly organized and developed resources in our national institutions and organizations can be a hindrance for communities to respond effectively to their own problems.
  2. The average number of years a person from a specific cohort is projected to live from a given point in time is his or her life expectancy.
  3. The concept of balance related to health and imbalance related to the disease is a belief of:
  4. An unexpectedly large number of cases of an illness, specific health-related behavior, or another health-related event in a particular population is defined as a pandemic.
  5. Actions that society takes collectively to ensure that the conditions in which people can be healthy can occur are termed:
  6. The Shattuck report marked the beginning of the:
  7. Individuals with lower socioeconomic status have poorer health status.
  8. Health education and health promotion are terms that can be used interchangeably.
  9. The population with the lowest high school completion rates is:
  10. The beginning of the government’s major involvement in social issues, including health, was marked by the:
  11. People of Hawaii, Guam, and Samoa are referred to as:
  12. An assumption one can make while organizing a community is that:
  13. When using criteria of causation, the criterion that addresses the issue of whether the association has been reported in a variety of people, has been exposed in a variety of settings, and can have repeatable results by other researchers is:
  14. The process of collecting and analyzing information to develop an understanding of the issues, resources, and constraints of the priority population to better develop a health promotion program is:
  15. When mapping community capacity, primary building blocks are the most accessible assets.
  16. A method of a community organization that is used to address a problem through the application of pressure is:
  17. Raising money to fund their programs, providing education, providing service to those affected, and advocating are the basic objectives of:
  18. True or False? The median income for black Americans has consistently ranked lower than all racial and ethnic groups in the United States.
  19. A community is a group of people who have common characteristics.
  20. Edward Jenner successfully demonstrated the process of vaccination as a protection against smallpox in the twentieth century.

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