Download Guided Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 6 

Download Guided Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 6



  1. This step in risk assessment is usually performed first.
  2. The principle relationship between a HACCP system and risk analysis processes:
  3. Which type of verification occurs during the initial phases of implementing a HACCP Plan?
  4. Which of the following is NOT considered to be one of the HACCP principles?
  5. Historically, in terms of risk assessment, the most important hazard identification source of microbial hazards in foods is/are:
  6. This step usually identifies the human population at risk of food hazards.
  7. Risk analysis processes benefit the HACCP system by:
  8. Food Safety Objectives (FSOs) are defined as:
  9. The greatest uncertainty associated with dose-response assessments of chronic toxicity is a combination of:
  10. A major consideration in the exposure assessment of microorganisms and toxicants in foods includes:
  11. Which of the following is NOT considered a step in risk assessment?
  12. A food “hazard” is defined as:
  13. Critical control points (CCPs) in a HACCP system:
  14. During the hazard analysis portion of HACCP:
  15. In response to exceeding critical limits, HACCP’s Corrective Actions are:
  16. Which of the following is considered a category for testing foods for contamination:
  17. The primary purpose of monitoring CCPs in a HACCP System:
  18. Which of the following is a prerequisite program or activity for HACCP?
  19. What prerequisite programs are necessary to control hazards for non-CCPs in a HACCP system?
  20. HACCP-like approaches to food safety management are:
  21. The primary limitation of the HACCP system is:
  22. The purpose of verification procedures in a HACCP system:
  23. The three components of risk analysis are:
  24. Dose-response assessments are used when assessing risks from:
  25. At the federal level of food safety, the best-known risk management strategies involve:

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