Download Guided Liberty University JURI 565 Quiz 1

Download Guided Liberty University JURI 565 Quiz 1



  • Which of the following is TRUE with respect to the American healthcare system?
  • Which of the following is true of America’s healthcare financing system?
  • Which of the following is NOT likely to trigger a treatment relationship between physician # 1 and the patient?
  • A patient with an unstable emergency medical condition can never be safely transferred to another hospital according to the EMTALA law.
  • The Physician-Patient relationship may be terminated because the patient has not paid the physician money that is owed to him.
  • With reference to the short article by Atul Gawande on page 31 of your book on medical uncertainty what are some of the factors that lead to medical uncertainty and what are some proposed solutions?
  • Briefly discuss the facts that lead to the issue of abandonment in the Ricks v. Budge case on page 123 of your casebook and what are the three ways that a physician-patient relationship can be successfully terminated according to the court?
  • Discuss the status of a physician who is on-call to a hospital Emergency Department with respect to the formation of the physician-patient relationship. You can use the case of Reynolds v. Decatur Memorial Hospital on page 111 of your book and the ensuing notes as your guide.
  • The case of Bragdon v. Abbott on page 98 of your book is a seminal case decided by the United States Supreme Court on access to medical care. Recite the facts of Bragdon and discuss the Court’s ruling. Do you agree with the Court’s ruling?
  • What is the EMTALA and why is it an important law when discussing the subject of access to medical care? Define the two following terms according to EMTALA: Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) and Medical Screening Examination (MSE).

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