Download Guided Liberty University PHYS 101 Quiz 2 

Download Guided Liberty University PHYS 101 Quiz 2

  1. Suppose I push lightly on the chair, and the chair doesn’t move at all. Then the strength of the force the chair exerts on me is
  2. When a freely falling object reaches its terminal speed,
  3. Which statement is incorrect? The gravitational force on an orbiting satellite due to the Earth
  4. Two forces of 4 N and 12 N act on a body simultaneously. The net force on the body is
  5. Starting from rest, a 20,000-kg aircraft being launched from an aircraft carrier goes from 0 to 90 m/s in 2 seconds. The net force acting on the aircraft is
  6. The frequency of a body oscillating from a spring on the Moon is the frequency of the same body oscillating from the same spring on Earth.
  7. You throw a ball straight up, it peaks out, and then comes back down to you. During this motion, the velocity and acceleration
  8. The vertical speed of a projectile
  9. A 188-pound astronaut in a training exercise experiences an acceleration of 7.2 g’s. What is the net force (in newtons) acting on the astronaut?
  10. The sensitive dependence upon initial conditions of the evolution of some physical systems is a feature of
  11. You whirl a 2-kg body attached to a 1-meter cord around your head in a nearly horizontal circle with a speed of 4 m/s. The tension in the cord is
  12. The force that keeps your feet from sliding as you walk is
  13. If object A has more mass than object B,
  14. Isaac Newton’s contributions to physics include
  15. You push on a block on frictionless ice with a force of 8 N, causing it to accelerate at 2 m/s 2. The mass of the block is
  16. You push on a wall, and the wall pushes back on you with the same force. This is an example of Newton’s third law.
  17. As you go from a point where a gravitational field is strong to a point where the gravitational field gets weaker, the gravitational field lines get farther apart.
  18. As a projectile moves its speed stays constant while its direction changes.
  19. A body is oscillating up and down at the end of a spring. Let’s consider when the body is at the top of its up-and-down motion.
  20. Planetary orbits are circles.
  21. The direction of a field line at a point in space shows the direction of the force that would act on a body placed at the point.
  22. You are presently exerting a gravitational force on the Earth.
  23. You roll a ball off a table and at the same time drop a second ball straight down from the edge of the table. The second ball reaches the ground before the first ball.
  24. If a body were in orbit very near the surface of the Earth, its centripetal acceleration would be equal to g.
  25. When a car goes around a curve of a smaller and smaller radius, the centripetal force on it decreases.
  26. Select the closest matching pairs possible. 3 pts for each response.
  27. From 2 King 6:1-6, one of the disciples of Elisha was cutting a tree and the ax head fell into the water. While we do not know how high the ax head was when it fell into the water, we will work through a physics example of the ax head’s vertical motion as if it were dropped into the water.

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