Download Guided Liberty University PHYS 101 Quiz 8 

Download Guided Liberty University PHYS 101 Quiz 8



  1. What makes pink ink pink?
  2. Diverging light rays from a nearby object (a few focal lengths away from the mirror) strike the surface of a concave mirror. After reflecting from the mirror’s surface, the rays will converge at
  3. The variation of the speed of light in a transparent medium with frequency results in
  4. Image height divided by object height gives
  5. The advantage of a convex mirror is that it has a field of view
  6. In optics, what is meant by an “interface?”
  7. Liquid crystal displays make use of
  8. Optical fibers work because of
  9. A nanometer is
  10. New telescopes are using “adaptive optics.” What is that?
  11. In an astronomical telescope, the secondary mirror is
  12. What is meant by the term “plane mirror?”
  13. The type of mirror that will allow you to see large areas normally hidden from your view is
  14. The light directly from the Sun is
  15. When you look into a pool of water, the depth looks less than it actually is because of
  16. The speed of light in any transparent medium is the same as the speed of light in a vacuum.
  17. You can see your image in a mirror because of diffuse reflection.
  18. Certain types of sunglasses are very effective at diminishing light reflected from surfaces because of polarization.
  19. When you look into a pool of water, the depth looks less than it actually is because the light is dispersed.
  20. In the atmosphere, the intensity of scattered sunlight of longer wavelengths is greater than that of shorter wavelengths.
  21. A converging lens always forms an object’s image at the focal point of the lens.
  22. Light is a transverse wave.
  23. Optical fibers work because of the dispersion of light.
  24. Blue light travels more slowly through glass than red light does.
  25. The Hubble Space Telescope has been repaired.
  26. Select the closest matching pairs possible. 3 pts for each response.

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