Download Guided Liberty University PLST 235 Test 4

Download Guided Liberty University PLST 235 Test 4

  1. Paralegals are not allowed to assist the personal representative because it is considered to give legal advice.
  2. Most testators excuse the personal representative’s bond.
  3. A will may:
  4. The abbreviated “administrator c.t.a” stands for:
  5. The personal representative’s actual duties are necessarily broad, so they can carry out their duties.
  6. The personal representative is also called the beneficiary.
  7. Which of the following is not listed as a means of a notice served to interested parties?
  8. The probate petition needs to have all of the following:
  9. Which is not one of the steps included in a small estate settlement?
  10. Informal probate occurs when:
  11. When the attorney concludes that the estate must be probated through formal administration, what is needed?
  12. Witnesses:
  13. All IRS forms may be found online at the IRS’s government website.
  14. Form 706 is the primary return form for federal estate taxation and the most important tax form. It must be filed:
  15. The right of a beneficiary to disclaim or refuse a gift of property is best done:
  16. Estates, being taxable entity, must also have an Employer Identification Number.
  17. The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 allows for an estate not to have to pay state estate taxes if under $5.43 million.
  18. Which of the following is not considered administrative expenses?
  19. Jurisdiction over a defendant or respondent to the lawsuit is obtained by service of process.
  20. A substitute service, giving notice of the lawsuit to the defendant, maybe through publication in a general circulation newspaper.
  21. All state probate courts have the same name in order to ensure the courts are all managed in the same manner across all 50 states.
  22. If a decedent has real property in both New Mexico and Texas, but the estate is being probated in New Mexico, what happens to the real property in Texas?
  23. The attorney is responsible for filing and maintaining all documents relating to each case being probated in that jurisdiction.
  24. In rem jurisdiction gives probate jurisdiction over:
  25. This Code has been adopted by several states, and “tweaked” by some states, it is a standard by which courts and lawyers can look when looking for solutions to difficult questions regarding estate planning and researching arguments and strategies in will contests:

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