Download Guided Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 5

Download Guided Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 5


  1. The function of the supervisor that includes the task of helping individuals engage in the organization is which function?
  2. Safety at work is _________
  3. Adequate _____________is linked with several positive indicators, such as increased job satisfaction and reduced burnout.
  4. Receiving self-care in the same social environment in which the exposure to burnout has occurred has a uniquely ______ effect.
  5. Meeting with supervisors, even on a weekly basis, can produce:
  6. What element does professional self-care not consist of?
  7. Any form of ______ can help social workers keep tasks and engagements in perspective.
  8. In relation to professional development, which out of the following can reduce burnout and stress?
  9. Professional development as a self-care practice skill is concentrated on the ________.
  10. An opportunity that an employment setting may use to improve well-being and function is:

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