Download Guided Liberty University SOWK 410 Quiz 1

Download Guided Liberty University SOWK 410 Quiz 1


  1. Putting extreme limitations and constraints on some group or institution is called:
  2. is the act of representing, championing, or defending the rights of others.
  3. is the ability of an individual, family, group, community, or organization to recover from adversity and resume functioning even when suffering serious trouble, confusion, or hardship.
  4. The initial period where practitioners orient themselves to the problem at hand and begin to establish communication and a relationship with the individual or individuals also addressing the problem is called:
  5. Step 2 in the time-management approach of “planning your time” is:
  6. The system that social workers must modify or influence in order to accomplish their goals is the system
  7. This model of community organization assumes that change is best accomplished when the people affected by problems are empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to understand their problems, and the n work cooperatively together to overcome them:
  8. “Six local church congregations work together to provide a community meal on separate days during the week” is an example provided in the text for:
  9. The system involves larger numbers of clients, families, or groups of clients with similar characteristics or qualifications for receiving resources or services, or an agency or community that will the beneficiary of the macro intervention process.
  10. A term frequently used in social work that has a meaning similar to research-informed practice is practice.

SOWK 410 Quiz 2

  1. The reputational approach is used when one is trying to determine who has the city.
  2. When working with people with mobility disabilities:
  3. is a concept for understanding communities defined as the struggle within a community by various groups, all seeking to have their interests and needs met ahea d of any others.
  4. is used when there is a question about what another person means.
  5. Using a simple one-word response or nonverbal head nod while maintaining eye contact can be a form of:
  6. are nonmetropolitan communities that
    are predominantly residential in nature, with little if any industry or
  7. means translating into words what you think the other person is feeling.
  8. All of the following are formal resource systems except :
  9. The text defines community as one that will identify community needs and assets, define common goals and objectives, set priorities, develop strategies for collective action, implement actions consistent with agreed-upon strategies, and monitor results.
  10. Contact with other people in a macro context most likely should occur in the:

SOWK 410 Quiz 3

  1. All of the following are acceptable roles for social workers involved with self-help groups except :
  2. Employees who work for -type managers are generally more creative and productive, experience greater work satisfaction, and are more highly motivated than employees who work for X-type manager s
  3. power provides the capability of dispensing punishments in order to influence others’ behavior
  4. Regarding the use of self as a leadership skill:
  5. A written contract between a field instructor in an agency and a student intern is an example of an:
  6. Speaking for the primary purpose of taking up time and preventing a group from voting on a topic is called a:
  7. Archie Bunker proposes the creation of a new unit in his agency to deal with perpetrators of domestic violence. The proposal is placed on the agenda of the board of directors for approval. At the last minute, Archie learns that Edith, the assistant director, has asked that the proposal be dropped from the agenda. Archie is furious, thinking that Edith is opposed to serving perpetrators because of her background working with victims of domestic violence. He goes to her office steaming; when he gets there, Edith explains that she asked to have the proposal dropped because the Board would not have time to consider the idea at this meeting because of other more pressing She promises Archie it would be back on the next agenda with her full support.
  8. The fact that “major issues affecting organizations are ongoing, gradual developments” is labeled in the text as:
  9. The social work role is essential for improving legislation to protect clients and their rights involved in managed care.
  10. Which motion would be appropriate when the group has begun discussing an item, not on the agenda?

SOWK 410 Quiz 4

  1. Step 7 of the PREPARE process is to:
  2. According to the text, any program, technique, or activity perceived as new by a population group or organization is called a(n):
  3. All of the following are possible sources of funding for an agency except:
  4. Step 6 in the PREPARE process is to:
  5. An example of a government grant is:
  6. proposals provide specialized help, allowing organizations or individuals to carry out a
  7. Step 3 in the PREPARE process is:
  8. A time-limited, planned undertaking with specified goals and activities to accomplish a designated purpose is a(n):
  9. This is the detailed blueprint for how to go about achieving the desired macro change.
  10. Of the four critical elements required in macro change, the person who believes some change within the agency is needed is the:

SOWK 410 Quiz 6

  1. The tells us how often a problem or behavior occurred either at a specific point in time or during a specified period.
  2. According to Homan, which of the following is not an important criterion for people involved in working on a community problem?
  3. A decrease in street shootings in a neighborhood after police begin patrolling the area daily is an example of:
  4. assets of a community include the environment and quality of life features that make the community an attractive place to live.
  5. If a new test can determine how good a social worker you will be three years from now, we say it has:
  6. In the community asset mapping method to community change, all of the following were listed as categories except:
  7. Regarding ethics and values in social work evaluation, all of the following are true except :
  8. assets in a community are the physical structures such as a community center or public areas such as a community swimming pool.
  9. methods are designed to learn the experiences of a particular group of people.
  10. “Review Professional and Personal Risk” is a step off the PREPARE process.

SOWK 410 Quiz 7

  1. Which of the following is not consistent with Alinsky’s social action approach?
  2. The step in legislative advocacy immediately preceding the introduction of a bill in chambers is:
  3. The population group with the highest risk of males becoming a homicide victims is:
  4. Principle 2 of Loewenberg and Dolgoff’s “Ethical Principles Screen” is:
  5. According to the NASW Code of Ethics ’ standards, all of the following are accurate regarding termination of services except :

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