Download Guided Liberty University UNIV 104 Quiz 1

Download Guided Liberty University UNIV 104 Quiz 1


  • What was the original name of what we now know as Liberty University?
  • At Liberty University, what two things must go together for a complete education?
  • What is the nickname of Liberty University?
  • The current president of Liberty University is Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  • Liberal arts education is appropriate only for students who wish to have careers in English, history, or the humanities.
  • Students once lived in “dormitories” on Treasure Island.
  • The subject line of an email to your instructor must always include
  • Which of the following is an acceptable reason to ask for an extension on your assignment?
  • The first assignment in each course at Liberty University Online is
  • The Code of Honor spells out expectations for
  • If you need academic accommodations due to a documented disability, to which office would you turn?
  • The Jerry Falwell Library
  • According to your textbook, why are self-reflection and monitoring important in online learning?
  • Which document in each course explains the basic policies that apply to the course?
  • To find information that can allow you to contact your instructor, look under
  • Liberty University’s most basic expectations of students are spelled out in the
  • Liberty University defines critical thinking as the process of evaluating information gained through observation, reflection, or research, to reach logical conclusions and to guide decision-making.
  • Accurately match the main text of the five critical thinking competencies, on the left, with the word/phrase on the right that best fits.
  • Choose the explanation that best describes the Standard of Thought:  Precision
  • Choose the explanation that best describes the Standard of Thought:  Breadth
  • Summarize the content of Chapter 1 in no more or less than 40–45 words.
  • Summarize the content of Chapter 2 in no more or less than 40–45 words.

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