Download Guided LIFC 304 Quiz 1

Download Guided LIFC 304 Quiz 1



LIFC 304 Quiz 1: Life Leadership and Servant Leadership
  1. Confidence borne out of exercising our gifts is a part of what phase of leadership?
  2. Leadership is a phenomenon, a concept, and a process.
  3. A good leader is always the teacher providing instruction, never a student.
  4. Some simple principles of leadership include all of the following:
  5. The three areas of a satisfying life are:
  6. Leaders are commissioned by God to carry out their mission as their own representatives.
  7. A common myth about unity is that diversity is honored in unity.
  8. Plenipotentiary leadership is based on core values that are biblically based and will produce “resolute genuineness.”
  9. Which of the following is not a “Deadly ‘D’” that sabotages engagement?
  10. In coaching, a coach is always trying to move his/her client at least 10-20 degrees in changing their current leadership patterns.
  11. In the Phases of Leadership, the Life Maturing stage is comprised of the following,:
  12. Characteristics of a great Ambassador are the following:
  13. Attitude is reflected in:
  14. An Ambassador is characterized by all of the following:
  15. Great leaders are all of the following:
  16. Which of the following is a true key to “mental toughness”?
  17. The following describes an individual who is dignified except:
  18. In a Gallup survey, of people surveyed considered themselves fully engaged in their work.
  19. If you want to be a success in life you must understand that life is about relationships with others and with God.
  20. The ministry of reconciliation includes:
  21. Leadership Coaches do a minimal amount of work in the context of reconciliation.
  22. To increase an individual’s engagement at work, his level of life satisfaction must be addressed.
  23. Several of the essentials to unity are listed below. Which one is not an essential of unity?
  24. The following are distinguishing factors between people who “want to” and people who actually “do” except:
  25. Deuteronomy 4:39 stresses the fact that:

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