Download Guided PSYC 231 Quiz 1

Download Guided PSYC 231 Quiz 1

PSYC 231 QUIZ 1 Answers

  1. Which of the following statements about defense mechanisms is TRUE?
  2. Mead believed that cultures in which adolescents’ experiences are quite different from adults’ experiences produce adolescents who
  3. According to Freud, the moral branch of the personality is the
  4. The “storm and stress” view of adolescence was postulated by
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  6. What do studies show about gender differences?
  7. Bandura’s model of learning and development includes the elements of behavior, person/cognition, and the
  8. Daniel Offer and his colleagues discovered that most adolescents have
  9. Mary tells her husband that she is not looking forward to the time their son becomes an adolescent because she has read that it is a time of great conflict and stress for the family. Which of the following theorists would agree with Mary’s view of adolescence?
  10. Denise argues that early experiences are more important; Barbara believes that both early and later experiences are important. Denise’s view is consistent with _____, while Barbara’s view would be supported by _____.
  11. Which of the following would a proponent of the natural approach to human development cite as evidence of the strength of genetics?
  12. Measuring the levels of hormones in an adolescent’s bloodstream is an example of this type of measure of adolescent development.
  13. Which of the following statements about Piaget’s concrete operational stage is TRUE? Selected Answer: It lasts from approximately 7 to 11 years of age.
  14. The fastest‑growing ethnic group of adolescents in the United States is
  15. Development
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  17. Harper, age 19 months, has just begun to assert her independence. Harper is probably in Erikson’s psychosocial stage of
  18. Alex has begun dating and he is interested in taking a course called “Career Exploration” that will help him decide on a future career. Alex is probably in which period?
  19. Which of the following is NOT a step in the scientific method?
  20. The developmental period when people are interested in transmitting their values to the next generation is
  21. The theorist who considered defense mechanisms to be key to understanding adolescent development was
  22. Professor Kelly is interested in seeing how adolescents’ prosocial behavior changes over time. He assesses a group of adolescents at ages 12, 15, and 18. Professor Kelly is doing _____ research.
  23. Cognitive theories emphasize
  24. Research has shown that children living in poverty have elevated levels of
  25. The “storm and stress” view of adolescence sees adolescence as a time of
  26. Peter Blos believed that regression during adolescence was
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  28. Mark Bauerlein, the author of The Dumbest Generation, asserts that adolescents today are.

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