Download Guided PSYC 354 Quiz 7

Download Guided PSYC 354 Quiz 7

PSYC 354 Quiz 7: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

  1. Which statement below is consistent with making a Type I error?
  2. A researcher is interested in whether a new teaching method influences the public speaking skills of students in an introductory communications class. The researcher knows that public speaking skills in the class are normally distributed with μ = 10 and σ = 2. Which is the null hypothesis for this research study?
  3. A researcher is conducting an experiment to evaluate a treatment that is expected to increase the scores for individuals in a population. If the researcher uses a one-tailed test with = .01, which of the following correctly identifies the critical region?
  4. The alpha level is a probability value that defines the sample means that will be classified as very unlikely in a hypothesis test.
  5. If a hypothesis test produces a z-score in the critical region, which decision should be made?
  6. A researcher administers a treatment to a sample of participants selected from a population with μ = 80. If a hypothesis test is used to evaluate the effect of the treatment, which combination of factors is most likely to result in rejecting the null hypothesis?
  7. The critical region(s) for a hypothesis test consists of sample outcomes that are very unlikely to occur if the null hypothesis is true.
  8. A hypothesis test involves a comparison of which two elements?
  9. If a researcher expects that a treatment will decrease scores, then the critical region for the directional test will be in the left-hand tail of the distribution of sample means.
  10. Which of the following accurately describes a hypothesis test?
  11. A researcher administers a treatment to a sample from a population with a mean of μ = 60. If the treatment is expected to decrease scores, then the null hypothesis would state that μ ≥ 60.
  12. By selecting a smaller alpha level, it _____.
  13. Consider a researcher who is conducting final clinical trials to validate that a new treatment for anxiety is effective. This researcher is extremely focused on avoiding mistakes in concluding that this new treatment is effective when it really is not when conducting their research. What should this researcher do?
  14. Larry wants to do everything possible to be in a position to detect that the treatment he has designed is effective given that it is actually effective. Which of the following should he do?
  15. Which of the following is an accurate definition of a Type I error?

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