Download Guided PSYC 380 Quiz 4 Cognitive Functions

Download Guided PSYC 380 Quiz 4 Cognitive Functions

PSYC 380 Quiz 4: Cognitive Functions and Psychological Disorders
  1. Professor Borelli tells her class that many nonhuman animals can understand language. She described the work by Irene Pepperberg who taught Alex, a ______, many words and even basic conversation skills.
  2. A person with Broca’s aphasia ____.
  3. The language of children with Williams syndrome is ____.
  4. Beeler is testing his rats by playing a series of clicks and asking the rat to turn in the direction with the most clicks. If his rats have damage to the frontal orienting fields, they will
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  6. The best description of oxytocin may be that it ____.
  7. Wilma has a problem with making decisions impulsively and has started gambling. She might have suffered damage to her
  8. Wernicke discovered that damage to the ____ cortex produced language impairment.
  9. The frontal orienting fields are located in the _____.
  10. As compared to a person with Broca’s aphasia, a person with Wernicke’s aphasia can ____.
  11. Deaf children who do not learn any language by the time they enter school ____.
  12. Most of the information passing from one hemisphere to the other does so by passing through which structure?
  13. A single visual pattern is presented under two conditions. Under one condition, the viewer is conscious of it, and under the other, the viewer is not. How does the activity differ in the brain, if at all?
  14. Damage to the corpus callosum prevents ____.
  15. Amanda had her corpus callosum cut. She finds now that she tends to _____.
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  17. Vancil is testing what happens when she presents her monkey with two similar choices that the monkey likes (eg., an apple slice or a banana slice). She has found that the monkey will have increased activity in the
  18. The training of Kanzi differed from the earlier language studies using other chimpanzees in that Kanzi ____.
  19. A condition in which brain neurons have repeated episodes of excessive, synchronized activity is called ____.
  20. A paradoxical characteristic of children with Williams syndrome is that they ____.
  21. The brain has ____ control of the facial muscles.
  22. A split-brain patient is someone who has had their ____.
  23. Most depressed people show ____ activity in the ____ prefrontal cortex.
  24. Cho is considering becoming pregnant. To reduce the risk of her child having autism, doctors are urging her to increase her intake of
  25. Most antipsychotic drugs work by _____.
  26. Where is seasonal affective disorder most common?
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  28. The concordance rate for schizophrenia is around ____ percent for monozygotic twins.
  29. Professor Gill tells his class that it is hypothesized that people use addictive substances for all of the following reasons except _
  30. Xander is an alcoholic. To help him stop drinking, his doctor prescribed _____ which would make him sick to his stomach if he consumed alcohol.
  31. The symptoms of tardive dyskinesia are ____.
  32. What is the most common cognitive symptom of schizophrenia?
  33. The primary symptoms of autism spectrum disorders include ____.
  34. Physicians must carefully monitor the dose of lithium they give to bipolar patients because ____.
  35. All things considered, the atypical antipsychotics ____.
  36. Brain differences common to schizophrenia include ____.
  37. Christine is showing symptoms of schizophrenia but doesn’t actually have schizophrenia. What could be going on?
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  39. To say that a drug has an affinity for a particular type of receptor is to imply that the drug ____.
  40. Which behavior is most suggestive of schizophrenia?
  41. An example of a “negative symptom” of schizophrenia is ____.
  42. As compared to non-depressed people, depressed individuals ____.
  43. The use of electroconvulsive shock declined in the 1950s because ____.
  44. Seth has Asperger’s syndrome. He has a form of ______.

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