Download Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 5

Download Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 5

  1. The humanities are broadly based and can include many different disciplines. What do you find is most important to consider when working on a Humanities project?
  2. Unstructured, emergent, and flexible methods of research characterize what kind of research?
  3. Which of these is characteristic of a Humanities project? (Select all that apply.)
  4. What is one of the major ethical issues for digital ethnography?
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  6. What is the central concern in Humanities?
  7. Walter Fisher’s narrative paradigm examines stories in what way?
  8. Rhetorical criticism primarily focuses on which of the following:
  9. The Humanities are interested in the broad categories of human lives, e.g., human lives, human histories, works of poetry, and fiction.
  10. There are ethical concerns about autoethnography. Which concern is the most important?
  11. What is the goal of ethnography?
  12. What kind of topic does critical scholarship view?
  13. Whose concept was ‘writing as a method of inquiry?
  14. Critical analysis of primary and secondary texts is the goal. This is referred to as:
  15. Critical Scholars must attend to which of the following?
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  17. Myths are:
  18. Autoethnography is a type of:
  19. According to the text, critics working within the critical-cultural tradition are unapologetically subjective in their approach to scholarship. What is their goal?
  20. What is a common misconception about research in the humanities?
  21. Research of humanities is often characterized by which of the following?
  22. The responsibility the researcher has to his/her friends, and partners with whom the researcher writes is called:

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