Download Guided SOWK 300 Quiz 7-8

Download Guided SOWK 300 Quiz 7-8

SOWK 300 Quiz 7: Middle Adulthood

  • Which of the following is true regarding changes in the reproductive system in middle adulthood?
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the theories used to understand personality changes in middle adulthood?
  • Which of the following is defined as the permanent cessation of menstruation?
  • The average age of women having their last period is:
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  • In middle adulthood, mechanisms of coping that people use to master the demands of life generally mature. Coping mechanisms that consist of sublimation, humor, altruism, and suppression are known as
  • Levinson suggests that the two central components of a life structure in middle adulthood are:
  • Openness to experience is one of the Big Five personality traits. Which of the following is descriptive of this trait?
  • Baby Boomers are the cohort born between:
  • An orientation to the external world that comes into better balance in middle adulthood is:
  • What kind of diseases becomes more significant in middle adulthood in high-income and middle-income countries?

SOWK 300 Quiz 8

  • For people aged 65 and older, the two most prevalent and debilitating chronic conditions are:
  • According to the book, which of the following is NOT one of the six traits for growing old with grace?
  • A theoretical perspective on social gerontology which suggests that gender is an important organizing factor in the aging experience is called:
  • What percentage of the population of women over 80 experience osteoporosis?
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  • Biological theories as to why our body’s age is important to understand in reference to late adulthood. Which theory suggests that aging results from accumulated damage to the genetic integrity of the body’s cells?
  • A form of care that focuses on pain and symptom management as opposed to curing the disease is called:
  • The external expression of grief is called:
  • Changes caused by health-compromising behaviors such as smoking or environmental factors such as pollution are called:
  • Which of the following is NOT a future trend for housing options in very late adulthood, according to the book?
  • Spirituality late in life is associated with which of the following factors?

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