Download Guided THEO 360 Quiz 3

Download Guided THEO 360 Quiz 3

  1. Because of sin, creation has been frustrated in its purpose.
  2. Adoption into the family of God is for Israel and not the church.
  3. Sin does not affect every area of our lives.
  4. The fact that God has made promises makes a difference in our lives in several ways. Which of the following is not one of the ways listed by Lawrence?
  5. The metaphor of the church as a bride is meant to build our identity.
  6. Satan is pursuing the same strategy against the church that he pursued against the Messiah.
  7. Adam and Eve had no choice as to whether or not they fell.
  8. One of the effects of the fall is that we have been banished from God’s presence.
  9. God’s love is shown to all because he gives all life.
  10. According to Lawrence, the Bible says eight important things about the cross. Which one of the following is included in his list? Check all that apply.
  11. The first biblical theology storyline that Lawrence addresses is the Creation
  12. The fall was just a one-time event when things when from good to bad but don’t continue to get worse.
  13. Which of the following is not a pattern in the storyline of the fall?
  14. Because of sin, the Creator dies as a substitute for his creation.
  15. Hamilton asserts that the church is a picture of the new temple.
  16. The first doctrine in the creation story is that God creates for his glory.
  17. When he judges sin, God will restore all justice to the universe.
  18. The Creation storyline has a clear pattern of promise and fulfillment.
  19. The Bible is the real Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and biblical theology is the heart of Gold that improbably moves us into the real world.
  20. The metaphors of the body of Christ are meant to shape our understanding of ourselves.
  21. The metaphor that the Jesus used to describe God’s people is sheep with the shepherd.
  22. Without understanding the storyline of the fall, we cannot understand why we need a cure.
  23. The metaphor that directly connects the church to the big story of the Bible is…
  24. We live in a spiritually neutral world.
  25. Which two passages does Hamilton use to illustrate Israel’s relationship to God and her place in the story?

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