Download Guided THEO 525 Quiz God’s Work

Download Guided THEO 525 Quiz God’s Work



THEO 525 Quiz: God’s Work and Humanity

  • According to Erickson, the Old Testament shows us that God is supremely powerful and that He is a personal God.
  • Using Erickson’s and Elwell’s text, match the following:
  • Using Elwell’s text, match the following:
  • Erickson discusses the “theological meaning” of the doctrine of creation. Which of the following are in agreement with Erickson’s discussion?
  • According to Erickson, in the ultimate sense the purpose of the plan of God is:
  • Of those in the twentieth century who have explicitly argued against the practice of abortion as discussed by C. Horn, III, which of the following is not one of them?
  • For Erickson, the major problem with fiat creationism (as he styles it) is that it is incompatible with modern scientific understandings.
  • Luther and Calvin made a sharp distinction between the image of God and the likeness of God.
  • Of the various reasons why Erickson chooses the term “plan” of God rather than “decrees” of God which of the following is not one of those reasons?
  • In distinguishing “predestination” from “foreordination,” Erickson makes which of the following distinctions?
  • Roger Nicole uses II Timothy 2:9-15 to argue emphatically that women must never teach in the church.
  • Erickson speaks of the crisis in humanity’s self-understanding. Which of the following does he offer as evidence of that crisis?
  • According to Erickson, the passage of Scripture most discussed in regard to the status of the unborn is:
  • Erickson and Pun both seem to prefer the view of “progressive creationism” to other competing views regarding the understanding of biblical creation.
  • Using Elwell’s text, match the following:
  • Match the following:
  • Using Elwell’s text, match the following:
  • H. L. Parker noted that this doctrine conveys to the individual that the world and our lives are not ruled by chance or by fate but by God:
  • The biblical doctrine of creation affirms creation out of nothing.
  • In Erickson’s view, humans are first and foremost viewed as “relational” beings.
  • The Angelic Doctor was
  • According to Erickson, the greatest strength of fiat creationism is its attempts to be faithful to the biblical text.
  • The conscious intermediate state of the person between death and the resurrection is one of the principal of evidence used to refute which view?
  • In Erickson’s view, God works “congruously” with the will of free beings, rendering events certain but not necessary.
  • Using Elwell’s text, match the following:

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