Download New AVIA 314 Quiz 2

Download New AVIA 314 Quiz 2

  1. What is the name of the aircraft that “represents a totally new approach to executive transportation?”
  2. Which U.S. President signed the General Aviation Revitalization Act into law?
  3. What is a Flight Service Station?
  4. What does it mean when the text says that marketing is as much an art as a science?
  5. What has contributed to the “full circle” mentioned in the text?
  6. How does Mintzberg relate to the Fayol management functions?
  7. What are the four Ps of marketing?
  8. What does the “hub-and-spoke” system describe?
  9. The year of the Hindenburg crash.
  10. “I’m so busy doing the urgent things that there isn’t time to do the important things.”
  11. A credit economy has what kind of effect on the business owner?
  12. What is the fourth step in budget development?
  13. What contributes to the misconceptions about budgeting?
  14. What can a manager do to improve the company’s cash position?
  15. What is an idea for cost-cutting from a cost containment orientation?
  16. In regard to employee selection, how important is it to actually check potential employee references?
  17. In regard to the pipeline concept, which is one of the many control functions that are an essential part of the management process?
  18. In regard to HR law and regulations, what was the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
  19. In regard to identifying human resource needs, what skill seems to be valuable in an ever-changing world?
  20. In regard to employee selection, what should be used during an interview to reduce bias?
  21. How should a business trade social responsibility against profit? Is it always an either/or situation?
  22. What are some factors that could cause complaints about discrimination in the hiring and managing of personnel?

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