Download New AVMX 451 Quiz 3 / Test 3

Download New AVMX 451 Quiz 3 / Test 3

  1. Which of the following is true as it relates to the certification of individuals working in support or overhaul shops?
  2. After a “C” check, where are the completed task card sent?
  3. Work performed in support shops such as sheet metal, interior, and avionics shops are considered to be part of which function?
  4. What other term is considered to be synonymous with line station?
  5. At a line station, what group or function is responsible for making all of the arrangements and coordinating maintenance for all parties concerned?
  6. What are the procedures for returning an aircraft to service (returning to operation) after undergoing a “C” check?
  7. After maintenance, where are aircraft logs normally kept?
  8. The coordinating of upcoming hangar maintenance is accomplished by:
  9. During a “turnaround”, who all is responsible for ground operations and ground control?
  10. When does the maintenance control center (MCC) have oversight?
  11. When is the ground support equipment bought for a given aircraft?
  12. Who has the final say as to whether or not an aircraft will be dispatched deferral in accordance with a MEL?
  13. Which of the following is considered a necessary evil, but at times may be required, to meet the goals and deadlines established by the maintenance program?
  14. Besides assisting in the turnaround of an aircraft, what other task does line maintenance routinely perform?
  15. Which shop would be responsible for onboard computers?
  16. For line maintenance which must be performed across two or more shifts: (Choose all that apply.)
  17. A front-line supervisor must be able to work well under stress, because of the extreme pressure associated with the position
  18. An aviation maintenance manager must have vision and knowledge, but must not be readily open to new ideas because of the regulatory constraints
  19. Even though the majority of the documentation is being placed in an electronic format, there are still certain documents such as emergency manuals and emergency contact information which must be maintained in hard copy.
  20. While it is the dock manager’s responsibility to ensure proper parts and supplies are available for incoming hangar maintenance, it is a function of PP&C to determine what parts and supplies will be needed for that maintenance.
  21. Any training received by each employee of an airline maintenance operation must be recorded in his or her training record or another personal file. (pg. 136)
  22. Match the following description with the type of training it is considered to be.
  23. What determines whether maintenance is classified as “line maintenance” or “hangar maintenance”?
  24. Discuss requirements for revision cycles of documents, whether in-house, outside or regulatory.

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