Download New BUSI 330 Discussion 1

Download New BUSI 330 Discussion 1


Create a thread in the Discussion Board Forum 1 that answers and explains the following questions or issues:

Your text defines the marketing concept and the 4P concept.

In two or more paragraphs, in your own words define and explain these two concepts, providing the page number(s) where the two concepts may be found in the textbook.

Provide an example of a real company with which you are familiar that uses one or both of these concepts in a marketing campaign. Briefly describe the campaign.

Does “marketing” have a function in church operations? Explain and support your answer.

Generational trends lead to distinctly different attitudes, values, and behavioral patterns that must be considered when developing a market plan.

Identify the “generational cohorts” according to our text, and explain their differences in values and motivational factors.

Identify an advertisement or commercial that targets only one of the generational groups. Describe the promotion in detail and identify the intended group.

Provide and explain a Scripture verse or biblical principle that is relevant to our study in this module/week. This does not contribute to the minimum length of 200 words.


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