Download New CEFS 506 Quiz The Christian Counselor’s Ministry and Roles

Download New CEFS 506 Quiz The Christian Counselor’s Ministry and Roles

  • the All of the models of spiritual formation have one of the same elements, which is?
  • Brewer’s model of spiritual formation emphasizes the necessary relationships in the life of our counselee. What is true of his approach?
  • What is a main insight in Nouwen’s polarities model?
  • With regard to how a counselor’s temperament affects counseling, what can we say?
  • Although a counselor cannot magically make suffering disappear, how might a counselor provide immediate relief?
  • From the METAMORPH perspective, what does it mean when the grid follows the idea of “many theories and techniques in service of a Christian worldview?”
  • In providing hospitality to a suffering client, and providing solidary to him/her, what is true?
  • From the lecture discussion of the METAMORPH Grid, what is a true statement below?
  • When clients come to a Christian counselor expecting to have “spirituality” included in counseling, what must we keep in mind?
  • The lecture talked about “hospitality” as one way for a counselor to respond to suffering. How might a counselor exercise hospitality?
  • From the lecture, when we define Christian counseling as a spiritual enterprise, what can we say?
  • What determines what you emphasize in counseling and the techniques you choose
  • What would a counselor do as an “engineer” as relates to multi-tasking in Christian counseling?
  • According to the lecture, if someone were asked: “What is spirituality?”, how would they answer if they were coming from a post-modern point of view?
  • What is the idea behind the faith tradition vs. the formation tradition in the context of spirituality; why is focusing on our formation tradition important in counseling?
  • In counseling suffering people, what principle is true from the lectures?
  • The lecture emphasized that a characteristic of Christian counseling was an absolute reliance on technique.
  • We can be “pleasantly inflexible” in our counseling by holding on to our foundational set of beliefs.
  • There is rarely a cost to the counselor in the process of moving a counselee from stranger to friend.
  • There is little connection between a counselor’s worldview and the theory that a counselor chooses to promote healing.
  • One way to move your counselee from “stranger” to friend, is to ask the tough questions.
  • Considering the lecture discussion of the five roles of a Christian counselor, we find that the role of “participant” has characteristics similar to establishing “solidarity” mentioned in a different lecture.
  • In counseling suffering clients, looking at body language may help you identify some of your client’s faulty thinking about suffering.
  • Consistent with the concept of hospitality is the expectation that there should always be conversation in the counseling session.
  • A purpose of the METAMORPH grid is to help a Christian counselor focus on factors that affect human behavior and emotions.
  • Jesus indicated that we possess our souls by our
  • Spiritual growth is merely a self-improvement program.
  • At its most basic level, attachment theory explores the way relationships shape our brain’s ability to both participate in close, intimate relationships and to regulate emotion.
  • When hurtful thoughts are allowed to proceed unchallenged, the _______________ will generate a hormonal cascade accompanied by intense and pervasive feelings of fear and anxiety that compromise a person’s ability to
  • make rational decisions.
  • Attachment interactions in _________________ become internalized and stores in the emotional brain, providing a template for one’s core beliefs of self and others and shaping one’s adult emotional regulation styles and relationship styles.
  • It is for the purpose of imitating Christ and drawing others into an affection for that imitation that we dedicate ourselves to the great work of Christian counseling.
  • The counselor must assess how _________ has impacted the client in the past and how the fruit of past choices and harm inflicted by the sin of others against the client are impacting the client’s ability to experience shalom in the present.
  • In the Bible the _____________ is conceived as the writers’ attempt to sum up the various components of psychological, spiritual, and relational health in human beings, which also affect the physical aspects of life.
  • People who feel confident and secure have an imbalanced and inaccurate view of the dangers in this world, and they approach life with a mostly pessimistic orientation.

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