Download New  CHHI 520 Quiz Third and Fourth Century

Download New CHHI 520 Quiz Third and Fourth Century

  • Ephraem the Syrian expressed his theology through ______.
  • In the fourth century, ______ evangelized Ethiopia.
  • Irenaeus was a disciple of ______.
  • According to the Apostolic Tradition, prior to baptism, candidates received ______.
  • The Homoeans affirmed that ______.
  • In “On the Incarnation,” Athanasius argues ______.
  • In 330, Constantine moved the empire’s capital to ______.
  • Irenaeus’s aplogetics were directed toward the ______.
  • In 202, ______ gave an edict against conversion to Judaism and Christianity.
  • Tertullian was an advocate of infant baptism.
  • As a bishop, Basil of Caesarea ______.
  • The Life of Antony and Life of Pachomius recount the lives of ______.
  • Cyprian argued that Christians who had sacrificed (lapsed) could not be readmitted into the church.
  • According to the Nicaeno-Constantinopolitan Creed of 381, the Holy Spirit ______.
  • Cyprian was consecrated bishop of Carthage just two years after his conversion.
  • Gregory of Nazianzus’s five theological Orations especially emphasized the doctrines of
  • From AD 356 – 361, Athanasius went into exile in ______.
  • Origen’s biblical hermeneutics included ______.
  • The term “homoousious” means ______.
  • In 312, Constantine defeated Maxentius at ______.
  • In his Apology, Tertullian ______.
  • John Chrysostom was best known for ______.
  • In the fourth and fifth centuries, baptisms were performed ______.
  • The Paschal controversy involved ______.
  • Decius’s persecution against the church included ______.

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