Download New COMS 101 Quizzes

Download New COMS 101 Quizzes

Some quizzes from COMS 101 in random order

  • The sentiment “How now brown cow” is an example of ___________________.
  • “Hear the mellow wedding bells” is an example of a(n) ____________because of the repetition of vowel sounds.
  • It is fine to use slang in your speech.
  • Language expectations vary from culture to culture.
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  • When JFK used the phrase, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” he was using
  • Attributing human qualities to a concept or an inanimate object is known as ________________.
  • Saying “The elderly gentlemen in the black suit and red tie entered the neighborhood grocery” instead of “The man went to the store” is an example of a speaker
  • One of the best ways to improve when you are giving a speech in a second language is to practice in front of friends who are native speakers.
  • What is problematic with a speaker begging the audience, “Guys, we can make a difference in the fight against violence if we just organize our resources”?
  • What uses words that apply only to one sex, race, or another group as though they represent everyone?

Set 1

  • A voice in which the pitch, volume, and rate remain constant, with no word, idea, or sentence differing significantly in sound from any other is
  • Which of the following facial expression should be used throughout your speech?
  • You should not practice movements or gestures so they can appear natural when you present your speech.
  • Besides being intelligible, another reason to fluctuate your volume during your speech is
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  • Which of the following is NOT one of the identified characteristics of voice?
  • When preparing to adapt a speech for a virtual audience, what should a speaker consider?
  • Audience contact is creating a sense of looking listeners in the eye when speaking to large audiences.
  • A speech researched and planned ahead of time but the exact wording is not scripted and will vary somewhat from the presentation is
  • A person is said to have a(n) _____________ when they have speech habits typical of a certain geographic area.
  • What is achieved by changing your pitch, volume, and rate, stressing certain words, and using pauses strategically?

Set 2

  • The method of rapidly going through work in order to determine what a topic is, how it is covered, and whether it will be useful is called
  • For a speech on the participation of college-age students in elections for President, a speaker is in need of information such as voting age population, resident population voting age, percent reporting registered and voted. What is the best source for obtaining this information?
  • Evaluating a website’s _____________ involves determining the date the article was placed on the web or revised.
  • One of the best ways to give meaning to new ideas is through comparison and contrast.
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  • Evaluating a website’s _______________ involves determining viewpoints and potential bias presented in the site.
  • Which of the following is NOT a type of secondary research?
  • Nonthreatening questions designed to put the interviewee at ease are known as _______________.
  • During Sammy’s persuasive speech about why ghosts exist, she used a personal account of her interaction with what she called, “a friendly spirit.” This is an example of
  • It is possible to conduct quality research on the Internet.
  • The heart of an effective interview is the interview protocol, which is a list of good questions you plan to ask questions.

Set 3

  • When choosing what information to include on the visual aid, you should include
  • If Natasha plays her guitar during her informative speech on learning to play the guitar, she is using __________ and ____________ as presentational aids.
  • Using bright colors such as red ________________.
  • Ideally, a pie chart should have at least “slices” or wedges. If your chart has more than eight wedges, you should
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  • If the object you want to use as a visual aid is too large, you could use this type of visual aid instead.
  • The speaker can be a visual aid.
  • It is important that everyone in the audience can see your visual aid.
  • Showing the class your high school basketball trophy and explaining how it represents your past is using what kind of visual aid?
  • Many speakers think that because they have prepared good presentational aids, they will have no trouble using them.
  • Audiences have come to expect messages to be enhanced with presentational aids.

Set 4

  • Which of the following is NOT one of the four primary goals of an introduction?
  • Most people enjoy a well-told story, so it makes a good attention-getter. What is the one drawback to telling a story as an attention-getter?
  • The conclusion offers a speaker one last chance to do all of the following EXCEPT ____________.
  • A speaker who begins with, “It’s a pleasure to return to State University. As you know, I’m a graduate of State. Though it was some time ago, the last few days I’ve spent on campus have made me feel as though I have never left,” is using what type of introduction?
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  • You can use clinchers with informative speeches only.
  • One way to determine whether or not your introduction is appropriate for your speech is to
  • To complete the formal outline of your speech, which of the following is NOT necessary?
  • Stories told during the introduction should be actual, not hypothetical.
  • If a speaker begins by saying, “It is nature’s best bug control, and night-blooming flowers depend on it for pollination. As North America’s most endangered animal, the Chiroptera or ‘bat,’ is in serious trouble,” what type of introduction is he/she trying to use?
  • A conclusion that states, “We must not permit our forests to die. Please, the next time you are camping, practice the suggestions I have made to you,” is using the ________________ type of clincher.

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