Download New EDUC 510 Quiz Lessons in Action

Download New EDUC 510 Quiz Lessons in Action

  1. Rooms cannot be arranged to promote discussion.
  2. A benefit of the discussion is enhanced motivation.
  3. Process objectives focus on
  4. One advantage of small-group discussions is that
  5. Evaluation of small-group discussions should foremost include
  6. In an elementary school classroom, a teacher is re-creating conflicts observed when students attempt to share playground equipment. Which type of small-group exercise is being used?
  7. Evaluation of cooperative learning groups includes
  8. The primary role of the student leader in a small group is to
  9. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of cooperative learning?
  10. The general model of inquiry is a step-by-step procedure.
  11. Being constructive means that your students apply the process skills of inquiry.
  12. What criterion did John Dewey believe was necessary for instruction based on problem-solving models?
  13. In unguided inquiry:
  14. Inquiry-based lessons:
  15. Which set of steps is the most appropriate for problem-solving or inquiry?
  16. If, as a teacher, you decide to use inquiry strategies in your teaching, you assume that:
  17. Metacognition is defined as:
  18. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable classroom management strategy for changing unacceptable behaviors?
  19. Reality therapy emphasizes
  20. A desist technique using public communication might be needed when
  21. One reason for removing the reinforcer in behavior modification is to
  22. In designing discipline plans, it is best to
  23. Studies about parent involvement show that
  24. The second phase of behavior modification is
  25. The general principles for using behavior modifications include.

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