Download New EDUC 622 Introduction to Basics

Download New EDUC 622 Introduction to Basics

EDUC 622 Quiz: Introduction to Basics of Assessment

Modules 1-3: Weeks 1-3.

  1. Miss Morgan is collecting progress monitoring data using DIBELS and determining if she needs to change her instructional strategies in order to help her students reach their aim line. Miss Morgan is using what type of assessment strategy?
  2. Research has indicated that a disproportionate rate of occurrence of students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds happens in the following disability categories, except which of the following?
  3. This type of assessment requires that students create a product that demonstrates their skills or competency.
  4. Which of the following describes an assessment model where an emphasis is placed on finding solutions rather than seeking alternative placement and an eligibility label?
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  6. The process of evaluating an environment to determine if there are any influences on the learning process is called which of the following?
  7. Students whose performance on standardized instruments of measurement is markedly discrepant from that of their peers should receive which of the following?
  8. Kehl collects student products over the course of the year to demonstrate the progress his students make. Mr. Kehl is utilizing what type of assessment?
  9. Ella received an 80% on her math test this week. Her teacher said she missed the cut-off by 5 points, so she will have to work on the same material next week and retake the test next Friday. Ella’s teacher is employing what type of assessment?
  10. The following are key considerations when developing an individualized assessment plan, except which of the following?
  11. When the number of students from various ethnic or linguistically diverse groups who receive special education services is skewed from the general population, it is called which of the following?
  12. Does federal law provide which of the following to ensure the rights of parents are not violated?
  13. Which of the following refers to when parents are fully notified in their native language of all educational activities to be conducted during a nondiscriminatory evaluation of their child?
  14. Who may request an initial evaluation?
  15. According to IDEA, transition services should begin at what age?
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  17. All of these behaviors would result in an automatic 45-day change of placement, except which of the following?
  18. If a member of an IEP Team is unable to attend an IEP meeting, what must they do?
  19. Which of the following are services that are designed to assist a student’s move between school and adult life?
  20. All of the following are procedural safeguards, except which of the following?
  21. Which of the following must occur before a child may receive special education services?
  22. Every student receiving special education services must have which of the following?
  23. This term is used when a national sample of students of the same age/grade takes the same assessment and establishes a mean and standard deviation.
  24. A person who scores at the 85%tile scored as well or better than which of the following groups?
  25. When the mean score is represented as ± 2, what type of score is this?
  26. Miss Bridget teaches in a small learning support class. The following are the data from a recent math assessment from three of her students: 84, 80, 74. What is the standard deviation?
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  28. What type of score is derived when scores are divided into 10 groups, and each group represents 10% of the obtained scores?
  29. A graph of class data is below. What is this type of graph called?
  30. When students enroll in school and are provided with an identification number—a combination of letters and numbers—this number is which scale?
  31. Using the data set below, answer the question that follows. What is the median?
  32. Using a standard deviation of 15 IQ points, a person with an obtained IQ score of 115 would have a z score of:
  33. Organizing data to see how the data cluster is called which of the following?
  34. Using the graph, answer the question that follows. What is the name given to this type of graph?
  35. A practice effect may be a problem when studying the results of which of the following?
  36. Which type of reliability study may yield a lower coefficient, before correction, due to the reduced number of items?
  37. Which of the following is not used to measure internal consistency?
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  39. Which of the following is considered a good reliability score?
  40. Which of the following represents the strongest relationship?
  41. This type of reliability checks the consistency across items of an instrument where credit varies across responses.
  42. What is the term used to ensure that a psychological trait, personality trait, psychological concept attribute or theoretical characteristic is measured by an instrument?
  43. A test item is considered to have this if it is answered incorrectly a disproportionate number of times by one group compared to another.
  44. Correlation is represented by what symbol?
  45. If an examinee asks the examiner if he or she answered an item correctly on a standardized test, the examiner should do which of the following?
  46. Which of the following is known as the experimental version of a new test?
  47. Sandy recently took a test and the chronological age was calculated to be 10 years, 10 months, and 23 days. Which of the following represents the correct rounded chronological age?
  48. Which of the following defines the level at which the student could correctly answer all easier items?
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  50. Michael’s mother received a copy of the standardized assessment he took in school. The results showed that Michael’s current achievement level is 5-4. What does this mean?
  51. For which of the following have norm-referenced assessments been developed?
  52. This score expresses a student’s standing in standard deviation units.
  53. Which score must be obtained in order to determine derived scores?
  54. Given the data, answer the following question: What is Adam’s raw score?
  55. The number of items a student scores correctly on a test is referred to as which of the following?
  56. Summarize the best-practice procedures that include early intervening services and RTI and when an appropriate referral for special education may be made. Clearly include in your response the Three-Tier Model of Intervention. Your response should be written in complete sentences adhering to correct grammar and mechanics, with 400-500 words.

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