Download New EDUC 810 Quiz 4 Mixed Methods

Download New EDUC 810 Quiz 4 Mixed Methods



EDUC 810 Quiz 4 Mixed Methods and Evaluation Research
  1. What type of design is characterized by collecting quantitative and qualitative data, analyzing them separately, and comparing the results to see if the findings confirm or disconfirm each other?
  2. What is a reason a researcher may choose to use a mixed-method design?
  3. What type of design is characterized by first collecting quantitative data, analyzing the results to plan phase two, then collecting data from a purposeful sample for more in-depth information?
  4. What do mixed methods researchers need to consider when choosing/designing their study?
  5. Related to the example on page 243 of Creswell, what mixed method design does the researcher use a social justice theory as his or her framework for the study?
  6. In 200 – 300 words, describe the challenges mixed methods can pose for the researcher and how such challenges may be mitigated.

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