Download New EDUC 815 Quiz Statistical

Download New EDUC 815 Quiz Statistical

EDUC 815 Quiz: Statistical and Sampling Techniques

  1. Stem-and-leaf displays are useful because they make it easy to
  2. Correlational statistics serve the purpose of determining
  3. Compared to the median, the mean
  4. One way to increase statistical power is to
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  6. The mean and standard deviation of a sample’s distribution of scores on a measure can be used to estimate
  7. Age equivalents, grade equivalents, and normal curve equivalent scores are all
  8. Stratified random sampling is usually a better approach than random sampling if the researcher
  9. The practical significance of a research funding usually is best determined by
  10. The mean and the _____________________ taken together, give a good description of the nature of the group being studied.
  11. One of the advantages of stem-and-leaf displays of data is that they facilitate the detection of outliers. What is an outlier?
  12. “An investigator wants to compare the reading comprehension of first-grade students who are taught reading by treatment A versus first-grade students taught reading by treatment B. He selects all first graders in Washington Elementary School (6 classes, N = 200) and places their names in a hat. The first 60 names taken from the hat are placed in treatment A, and the next 60 names are placed in treatment B. What procedure has the researcher used?”
  13. Which of the following is an important criterion for determining whether an experiment has population validity?
  14. The median of a group of scores
  15. Skewness means that
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  17. A test of the statistical significance of the difference between two sample means results in a t value that is significant at the .01 level. Which of the following is not a correct interpretation of this finding?
  18. The difference between continuous scores and discrete scores is that
  19. Replication logic refers to
  20. If a score distribution forms a normal curve,
  21. The deviation of a sample statistic from the actual parameter for the population from which the sample was randomly drawn is a measure of
  22. Statistical power is

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