Download New EDUC 840 Quiz Traditional Model

Download New EDUC 840 Quiz Traditional Model

EDUC 840 Quiz: Traditional Model vs. School Choice & The Disruptive Innovation Theory
  1. The 21st century education system looks different today because:
  2. According to Dr. Wimberley, what is the goal of education?
  3. Charter schools were created as part of an effort to overcome inequities that affect public education.
  4. By 2018, ___________ students were served by charter schools across the nation.
  5. According to our text, which key perspectives emerge when addressing the role of standardized curriculum.?
  6. Diverse populations require:
  7. According to Gardner, the Theory of Multiple Intelligences documents that humans possess the same intellectual strengths.
  8. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory includes:
  9. Regarding standardized curriculum, a better way to deliver the curriculum in an interesting way for both teachers and students is by using instructional practices that:
  10. Curriculum in a classroom should be differentiated in which area(s)?

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