Download New EVAN 101 Quiz 2

Download New EVAN 101 Quiz 2

EVAN 101 Quiz 2: God’s Story

  1. In its nontechnical sense, the term missionary is simply “a person with a mission.”
  2. Pace & Wheeler implied that it was dysfunctional for the church to focus more on the building than on the people.
  3. According to Pace & Wheeler, Salvation is part of God’s will.
  4. According to Earley & Wheeler, the crowds that followed Jesus were curious, but not all of them were true disciples.
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  6. According to Earley & Wheeler, e! active evangelism is a spiritual battle.
  7. According to Earley & Wheeler, the key to being e! active in evangelism is simply to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is already doing.
  8. Billy Graham noted that man has two great spiritual needs. One is for forgiveness and the other is for goodness.
  9. Early & Wheeler warn that servant evangelism should only be done by the bold.
  10. According to George Hunter, the US is the “largest mission “eld on earth.
  11. The Bible actually says that the enemy blinds the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the truth of the Gospel.
  12. Early and Wheeler suggest exaggerating your sin to make your story better.
  13. According to Pace & Wheeler, God’s will for our lives was never intended to be a maze.
  14. According to Pace & Wheeler, su!ering is never part of God’s will.
  15. In Chapter 5, Stetzer asserts that churchgoers believe in sharing their faith even though most of them do not do it.
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  17. According to Earley & Wheeler, Jesus’ command to love one another shows that relationships are essential to evangelism.
  18. Earley & Wheeler taught that testimony should have:
  19. According to Pace & Wheeler, a genuine calling may or may not result in change.
  20. According to Earley & Wheeler, not every Christian has a story to tell.
  21. According to Pace & Wheeler, Psalm 37:4 teaches that God is obligated to grant our wishes.
  22. According to Earley & Wheeler, you can be both a missionary and a mission “eld.
  23. Pace & Wheeler advised that because believers in the early church lived so long ago, believers today should not try to follow their example.
  24. According to Earley & Wheeler, True Conversion means:
  25. Jesus, Himself said that unless you are converted and become little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.
  26. Earley & Wheeler taught to believe that the Holy Spirit can:
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  28. Early & Wheeler advise that if being yourself doesn’t work in evangelism then pretend to be something else.
  29. Thompson’s Concentric Circles of Concern model shows that the Gospel # is through relationships.
  30. Early and Wheeler teach that if you have been saved then you also have been sent to tell others the Good News.
  31. According to Pace & Wheeler, it is clear from Paul’s prayer for the Colossians that we can know and understand God’s will for our lives.
  32. Rick Warren said that God would not have given you personality, gifts, and life experiences unless He intended you to use them for His glory.
  33. Pace & Wheeler described Biblical disciple-making as multiplication.
  34. Bible verses play a central part in any evangelism approach. For this essay, you must write out 4 scriptures along with a short explanation about what It communicates about the Gospel. The verses do not have to be word-for-word from any specific translation, but you do have to have enough written for the corresponding explanation to make sense.

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