Download New HIUS 221 Quiz Primary Source

Download New HIUS 221 Quiz Primary Source

Quiz: Primary Source – Jonathan Edwards

Module 2: Week 2

  1. Read the following passage, then answer the questions below.

When this work first appeared and was so extraordinarily carried on amongst us in the winter, others round about us seemed not to know what to make of it. Many scoffed at and ridiculed it; and some compared what we called conversion, to certain distempers. But it was very observable of many, who occasionally came amongst us from abroad with disregardful hearts, that what they saw here cured them of such a temper of mind.

  • When did the revivals under Edwards begin?
  • The initial reaction of outsiders to the revivals was
  • What did Edwards say brought people to the town in the month of March?
  • Those who experienced the revivals
  • Edwards hoped that those who were convicted by what they heard

Quiz: Primary Source – Lucretia Mott

Module 8: Week 8

  • Read the following passage, then answer the questions below. It is with reluctance that I make the demand for the political rights of women because this claim is so distasteful to the age. Woman shrinks, in the present state of society, from taking any interest in politics. The events of the French Revolution and the claim for woman’s rights are held up to her as a warning.
  • In her “Discourse,” Mott drew a division between
  • What European event was given as an argument against giving women voting rights?
  • What writer’s works did Mott say were proof of the ability of women to discuss political topics?
  • How did Mott say she feels about demanding political rights for women?
  • Mott claimed that if allowed into the political realm

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