Download New HIUS 316 Quiz Antebellum

Download New HIUS 316 Quiz Antebellum

HIUS 316 Antebellum Cultural Movement
  1. What was a tableaux vivant?
  2. What was the “lyceum movement”?
  3. What poetic work of the Jacksonian Era tried to combat sectionalism and promote unity between Americans of every class, race, and religion?
  4. What was the “-est factor” that Reynolds used to characterize American art and literature during the Jacksonian Era?
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  6. “Light” or optimistic authors during the Jacksonian Period emphasized what
  7. Which of the below was NOT a Hudson River School artist?
  8. In addition to minstrelsy, what was another popular form of music during the Jacksonian Era?
  9. What was NOT true about Edgar Allen Poe?
  10. Who was a popular lyceum lecturer?
  11. Which Jacksonian artist became famous for his portraits of Native Americans?
  12. Thomas Cole’s Hudson River School nature paintings show what?
  13. Below is an example of a “dark” or pessimistic author during the Jacksonian Period
  14. Who spoke against materialism and what he considered a corrupt civil government by living simply for two years at Walden Pond and then writing about his experiences?
  15. Who was a popular author of sensational novels like The Quaker City?
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  17. Which of the writers below was not a Democrat?
  18. What famous painter was the founder of the Hudson River School?
  19. What painter explored the dark side of the “light/dark” dichotomy in Jacksonian art?
  20. Although a Democrat who tolerated slavery, this artist is unique among Jacksonian artists for his sympathetic portrayal of African Americans.
  21. What unique form of painting became popular during the Jacksonian years?
  22. Ralph Waldo Emerson was interested in what?
  23. Drawing on Dr. Roberts’ presentation describe how engaged with literature and current events Jacksonian Americans were. Describe the literary culture wars between localist writers like William Gilmore Simms and New England writers who often emphasized a nationalist perspective.

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