Download New HIUS 380 Quiz 1 Spanish-American War

Download New HIUS 380 Quiz 1 Spanish-American War

Module 1: Week 1

  • When General Otis continued to predictably use the American Military he soon found himself bypassed by the team of:
  • The favorite weapon used for hand-to-hand fighting and a great example of the American ways of fighting would be the:
  • The capture of the leader Emilio Aguinaldo resulted from the individual initiative and imagination of what American military leader?
  • The Yellow Press tended to:
  • What would be the eventual result of the war in the Philippines?
  • In 2005-6 a troop surge in Iraq resulted from political connections in Washington D.C. that ultimately undermined the position of General George Casey. What American general in the Philippines War would most resemble a role similar to Casey?
  • The Colonial militia provided the workforce or manpower while combining a European style of warfare based on the line with the Indian’s skirmisher tactics resulting in an emphasis on maneuver, and the utilization of cover and concealment against an elusive foe.
  • The book suggests that the later use of the military in efforts to racially desegregate society may have been initiated in Cuba at San Juan and Kettle Hill. What combat arm of the military did this integration of officers and men occur in?
  • The frontier experience and warfare with Native Americans led to the development of:
  • The War with Mexico saw a new role for the American military in its attempts to:
  • What was the term used to justify the use of American troops overseas during the Spanish-American war?
  • The Civil War taught a lesson to American military institutions about the need to do what?
  • The Army won the American West after the Civil War by:
  • Place the events below in the proper sequence:
  • What description is used in the book to describe the development of infrastructure (hospitals, schools, and roads) as well as the exploitation of the fear of force within a population?

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