Download New HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 7

Download New HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 7

  • Gandhi embraced the idea that India should industrialize as quickly as possible.
  • Who wrote Doctor Zhivago?
  • Argentina’s Radical Party
  • The term Mahatma means
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  • Gandhi
  • In Mexico
  • The political changes in Japan in the 1930s reflected changes in
  • Mao Zedong’s New Democracy
  • Gorbachev’s sweeping reform policies included
  • Indian nationalism
  • Where did a famous alliance between communist and nationalist parties in the 1920s take place?
  • Japanese interest in Western literature gave rise to a new genre called the
  • Since the Communist Revolution, women in China have been
  • Mustafa Kemal attempted to transform Turkey into an
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  • During the Great Depression,
  • Which statement is accurate about Japan during the early decades of the twentieth century?
  • The Japanese term for the industrial and financial conglomerates that controlled much of the nation’s industry was
  • “Science and Democracy” was the battle cry of which rebellious group?
  • What was the Bolshevik’s primary instrument for spreading the message of Marxism beyond Europe?
  • Latin American culture
  • During the 1920s
  • The New Life Movement
  • Japanese industrial production went into a steep decline in the 1920s.
  • The Ottoman Empire allied with Germany during World War I.
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  • Theodor Herzl was a leading advocate of the creation of a Jewish nation in Palestine.
  • Today, China’s population has surpassed billion people.
  • Most of the early Iranian oil profits went into the hands of
  • The phrase “Little Emperors” refers to
  • Gandhi used the spinning wheel as a symbol of his protest against
  • Stalin’s economic policy after World War II was more successful in providing consumer goods than in promoting the growth of heavy industry.

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