Download New HIWD 375 Quiz 4-5-6

Download New HIWD 375 Quiz 4-5-6

HIWD 375 Quiz 4

  1. What is one explanation for the seemingly endless battles to hold various hilltops during the static phase of the war?
  2. The US Army though encircled held its own while the Chinese attacked fruitlessly against the fury of UN/US Air and Artillery during the fourth Chinese Offensive at :
  3. According to the author of the textbook the instructions from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) given to MacArthur regarding the 38th Parallel as he pursued the North Koreans to the north consisted of:
  4. What Mr. Ritchie has characterized as “diverging columns” represented the 8th Army and X Corps separated by up to 200 miles and by October 24th, 1950 ordered by MacArthur to approach what geographic feature despite Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) orders to the contrary?
  5. What disaster occurred during the night of June 27, 1950, as Republic of Korea (ROK) forces retreated south?
  6. When General Matthew Ridgway replaced General Douglas MacArthur, who took over the 8th Army Command?
  7. The decision to launch an amphibious attack against the North Koreans at Inchon General Douglas MacArthur (Operation CHROMITE) is more remarkable because of :
  8. In the video lecture, Mr. Ritchie suggested an effective cut off of North Korean troops retreating from the south may have been more effective if MacArthur had:
  9. Upon the death of General Walton Walker the Commanding General of the 8th Army, he was replaced by whom?
  10. Increasingly the advantage turned towards the US/UN in the summer of 1950 because of:
  11. The first US force to meet the North Koreans in combat on the ground came from the 24th Division of the 8th US Army and was decisively defeated. What was the name of this unit?
  12. To address morale problems caused by the Chinese intervention the new 8th Army Commander addressed two questions raised by American / UN forces under his command. What were they?
  13. Communist irregulars fighting a guerrilla war in South Korea would remain a problem for the US and ROK troops for two years to come:
  14. There were more communist and UN/US casualties during the five Chinese offensives than would occur in the rest of the war in Korea from 1950-1953?
  15. On June 25, 1950, North Korean forces:
  16. Initial weaknesses initially demonstrated by US/ UN troops in the Korean War included:
  17. What new enemy did the  North Koreans begin to fight on July 7, 1950?
  18. Throughout the late summer of 1950 on the Pusan perimeter US/UN troops managed to hold on inside the Naktong River at the far south of the Korean Peninsula against desperate North Korean attacks:
  19. Which Chinese Offensive (25-28 November 1950) resulted in a rout of the 8th Army and a fighting withdrawal by X Corps in freezing conditions?
  20. What were the tactics that gave ground for time to build experience and morale employed by the Army during early 1951 and described in the video?

HIWD 375 Quiz 5

  1. The result of the hill fights was:
  2. Another possible reason for the end of the Korean War peace talks may have been the:
  3. By June 1951, it became increasingly obvious to American war planners and leadership that the Korean War had become:
  4. A Major POW issue during 1952-1953 was:
  5. More casualties occurred during the static phase of the war from the fall of 1951 to 1953 than occurred in all of the phases of the maneuver war from 1950-1951:
  6. During the POW crisis, an event complicating matters occurred when:
  7. The election of what President brought the Korean War negotiations to a serious finish?
  8. The October peace talks held at Panmunjom saw the communists drop their requirements for:
  9. By 1953 frustration continued to lead air war planners to the desperate measures of committing acts of war resulting in convictions at Nuremberg in World War II, these were? :
  10. The Communist proposal for a cessation of hostilities centered on the:
  11. In frustration over the POW issue and by  attempting to regain the  propaganda initiative, the Chinese utilized a Soviet tactic of blaming the US for:
  12. The issue President Truman injected into the peace process consisted of:
  13. The Marines in August of 1951 assaulted:
  14. By March 1952 a major issue in the peace talks resulted from:
  15. The majority of hills fought over in the so-called “static phase” of the Korean War were anonymous to the media and not therefore not visible to the majority of the American people:
  16. The frustration over the peace talks was such that by the Summer of 1952 :
  17. When Chinese and North Korean troops were defeated they retreated from Bloody Ridge to:
  18. Although Americans historically don’t cheer a tie, the Korean War as argued in this class ensured:
  19. The item prominently featured  in Washington D.C. during the 1953 inaugural parade and sent to Korea probably hastening the conclusion of peace talks was the:
  20. Perhaps the best fighter jet of the Korean War was the :

HIWD 375 Quiz 6

  1. Ho Chi Minh entered Vietnam from China and sought to wage guerilla warfare against the Japanese and the French  in 1941 with his comrade and future military leader:
  2. On the same day General Douglas MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender, Hi Chi Minh gave a speech, and his opening lines read in front of US troops who had helped him during the war included :
  3. Geographically the Truong Song (Long) Mountains nearly divide Vietnam relatively speaking where?
  4. The agreement reached by the Vietnamese and French were that France troops would be stationed in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam for __________years.
  5. After Phan Boi Chau’s unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the French, the author argues the Vietnamese were looking for a revolutionary leader to guide them and this person would be:
  6. According to the text, in 1890 the French were harsh imperial overlords of the Vietnamese controlling rice exports and the price of salt.
  7. Ho’s first attempt to recruit Vietnamese in China ended with the ascension of power by whom? :
  8. A major point of contention between the Vietnamese and the French surrounded the protectorates of ____________ and the French Colony of _____________.
  9. In 1885 Phan Din Phung led a guerilla uprising against the French from where until 1896?
  10. The acting emperor-figure of Vietnam under the Japanese was:
  11. The French sought to take Dien Bien Phu for the purpose of securing:
  12. The Tranh’s absorbed what coastal kingdom on the coast a vestige of Indian traders?
  13. A tenuous hold on Vietnam historically is demonstrated by Nguyen Anh’s claim to:
  14. Trinh and Nguyen’s kingdoms divided Vietnam in which century?
  15. Per their agreements at Potsdam, Vietnam received occupation troops from:
  16. During World War II, Ho Chi Minh worked with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA)
  17. According to the author’s opinion in the text, the French tended to benefit those colonists who were?
  18. From the Ming Dynasty forward until the French, the Vietnamese basically maintained their independence from the Chinese:
  19. Which part of Vietnam is the primary rice-growing agricultural area?
  20. Two days after the armistice in the Pacific, Ho created the National Liberation  Committee (NLC) but to attain proper authority sought what from Bao Dai?
  21. Who are the various tribal people of the Mountains of Vietnam whose locations transcended national borders, and are the natural enemies of the Vietnamese and later to be exploited by the Americans during their war there?
  22. As the French poured back into Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh offered to give Vietnam to what nation-state as a trusted territory in preparation for independence?
  23. The name (misname) of Vietnam  originally was Annam which meant:
  24. The future revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh approached President Woodrow Wilson where?
  25. The author compares the population of Vietnam to the US by saying comparatively 95 % of the American population would live between a Vietnamese coastline and the mountains of Vietnam approximating the US. and the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern seaboard:

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