Download New HSMF 611 Quiz 3

Download New HSMF 611 Quiz 3

  1. The system of mandated reporting is designed to protect the best interest of the child, however, professionals do have concerns about the process, which include:
  2. Which reason for becoming a counselor could be problematic?
  3. What is the best instrument that a therapist has
  4. When considering treatments associated with a child’s trauma and grief experiences, which statement is NOT accurate:
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  6. Which statement is accurate regarding confidentiality?
  7. Counselors have a duty to warn under three conditions. Which of these is NOT one of those conditions?
  8. When developing an informed consent document, which consideration is inaccurate:
  9. When using the strategy of finishing sentences for a writing exercise with children:
  10. Which statement informs the process for a counselor to breach confidentiality:
  11. When helping a child who is suicidal mobilize resources and engage caregivers, what practices are most beneficial?
  12. Bible stories can be a valuable tool in working with children. What statement below, illustrates the effective use of biblical stories with children:
  13. Which character is not applicable to Christian counseling:
  14. Which term does NOT define a feature of crisis, as detailed by the textbook:
  15. The best way to decrease compassion fatigue is to:
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  17. The difference between burnout and compassion fatigue is:
  18. When a professional faces a crisis with a child or adolescent client, the first step in the intervention is:
  19. A consistent pattern of incompetent performances that interferes with effectively practicing is the definition of:
  20. Which suggestion is a good part of a self-care plan:
  21. In order to understand how children respond to grief, loss, and trauma, a professional should:
  22. Which statement is not a consideration regarding privilege
  23. A good way to prepare for the many topics that children and adolescents bring to the counseling conversation is to:
  24. When working with a client who is in crisis, the best way to generate support is:
  25. When evaluating suicide risk, which attribute is NOT a recommendation by the APA:
  26. Three recommended writing strategies to use with children in Christian Counseling are:
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  28. The acronym SLAP stands for:
  29. Two factors that are evident when a professional experiences burnout are:
  30. The key step in assuring that your needs and struggles do not negatively impact the children and adolescents you work with is:
  31. Which statement accurately implies the best practices regarding counselor competency:
  32. The best way to be prepared for negative reactions by family and children, in response to your responsibilities of mandated reporting is:
  33. When considering the potential of self-harm, which recommendation is mandated:
  34. The term lethality means:
  35. The best practices for beginning counselors, when dealing with a crisis are:
  36. Which two words are involved in defining the threshold for mandated reporting of suspected child abuse:
  37. Name one strategy you will use for self-care:

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