Download New JURI 610 Quiz Christian Foundations

Download New JURI 610 Quiz Christian Foundations



JURI 610 Quiz: Christian Foundations of Law

  1. Which of the following does Professor Berman assert was the first modern legal system?
  2. Why did Ronald Dworkin reject the value of a general theory of law that would be valid for all legal systems?
  3. Which of the following factors is not identified by psychological studies as most important in securing adherence to rules and laws?
  4. What key element is often left unstated in jurisprudential debates that can lead to misunderstandings among those engaged in the debates?
  5. Which of the following is not a characteristic or belief of the Puritans as described by Professor Berman:
  6. Theories of law help answer which question?
  7. In what foundational document are Laws of Nature and Nature’s God referenced?
  8. The ultimate purpose of the law, according to Calvin and his followers, was to create an upright Christian community.
  9. Ronald Dworkin explained that the Nazi regime that resulted in the holocaust was one without law.
  10. Professor Bix asserts that as practices in a society change any labels that had previously been assigned to those practices by a conceptual or descriptive theory should be considered wrong.
  11. Explain the doctrine of the uses of the law.
  12. Briefly explain how a deeply held conviction that law is part of the ultimate purpose and meaning of life helps to deter crime.
  13. Explain what Professor Berman asserts is the primary cause of the crisis of the Western legal tradition.
  14. Explain what Professor Bix means when he says that words like “democracy” and “law” have not only a strong descriptive element but also a residual normative element.
  15. What was the first systematic legal treatise produced in the West and what technique did it utilize to synthesize the law?
  16. In proclaiming the abolition of the ecclesiastical jurisdiction and denying the validity of the canon law, what was Luther primarily challenging?
  17. In chapter 5, explain why Professor Berman believes that it is important to consider the laws of a country in connection with the predominant religious beliefs of the time.

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