Download New  Liberty BIBL 450 Test 2 

Download New  Liberty BIBL 450 Test 2

  1. The “lament” (or curse) proclaimed against Babylon the Great in Revelation 18 was intended to bring hope and comfort to believers who read those words, not the least of whom being John’s original readers.
  2. According to Hindson, the first angel who proclaims the “eternal gospel” to all the earth (Revelation 14:6) indicates the supernatural completion of the task of evangelism before the second coming of Christ.
  3. According to Revelation chapter 20, the lake of fire is the second death.
  4. In Revelation, the threefold witness of the angel, John, and Jesus is intended to assure the reader of the validity and authenticity of the prophecy of Revelation.
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  6. The seven trumpets do not follow the seventh seal, but they are the seventh seal.
  7. According to Revelation 5:10, the redeemed Church of the Lord Jesus Christ shall reign with Him “from the heavens above.”
  8. A premillennial perspective of Revelation’s prophetic timeline has the 7-year Tribulation period preceding the 1,000 millennial kingdoms.
  9. The “beast from the sea” (Rev 13:1-10) and the “beast from the earth” (Rev 13:11-13) are two distinct individuals.
  10. The city of Laodicea is given rebuke for being “lukewarm.”
  11. The 144,000 have the name of the “beast” written on their foreheads.
  12. In the New Jerusalem, God will dwell within his temple which is specially recreated to fit the dimensions of the Temple built by Solomon.
  13. The church of Sardis is described as being “lukewarm,” but not as “dead.”
  14. The wedding supper of the Lamb coincides with the seventh trumpet judgment from Revelation 16.
  15. According to Hindson, the cataclysmic description of the trumpet judgments suggests nuclear war.
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  17. According to Hindson, the scroll of Revelation 5 is best seen as a “title deed” or “divine contract” with the world.
  18. The “four horsemen” of the apocalypse are a part of the imagery used in describing the first four seal judgments in Revelation 6:1-8.
  19. The “seven golden lampstands” of Revelation 1:12 represent the seven churches of Revelations 2 and 3.
  20. According to Hindson, the “great multitude” from Revelation 7:9 are comprised of the church of Jesus Christ, persecuted, martyred, and betrayed down through the centuries of church history.
  21. The second angel (among the three angels of Revelation 14:6-12) proclaims the fall of Babylon the Great.
  22. According to Hindson, the 144,000 are describing all of God’s servants, both Jewish and Gentile believers.
  23. The “key of David,” as referred to in Revelation 3:7, alludes to the divine sovereignty of Jesus Christ; it is Christ who holds access to the “heavenly palace.”
  24. According to Hindson, there is a clear distinction between an “Ecclesiastical Babylon” in Revelation 17 and an “Economic Babylon” in Revelation 18.
  25. According to Hindson, a thorough study of the Apocalypse (Revelation) reveals that the “beast” is both a person and a political system.
  26. In Revelation 5, the one who finally does open the scroll is Michael the Archangel.
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  28. The “someone like a son of man” from Revelation 1:13 is Jesus Christ, the risen Savior.
  29. The “open door” in heaven from Revelation 4:1 depicts God’s revelation to John.
  30. Whatever the “time is near” (Rev 1:3) might mean, it certainly implies that the events of the end will be unexpected and that we should be ready for them at any time.
  31. According to Hindson, the silence for one-half hour before the opening of the seventh seal (Rev 8:1) is the “silence of solemn worship.”
  32. The text of Revelation itself provides the reader with the identity of the “enormous red dragon” (Rev 12:3), which is Satan (Rev 12:9).
  33. The fifth seal judgment is composed of the prayer of martyred saints who ask for God to avenge their blood.
  34. The seven churches of Revelation are located in modern-day Italy, having once surrounded the ancient city of Rome.
  35. The “synagogue of Satan” refers to those in Ephesus who had forsaken their “first love.”
  36. At the close of the sixth trumpet judgment, there is again a great revival among many unbelievers who repent having witnessed the great destruction brought upon the earth by the trumpet judgments.
  37. The description, “I am the Alpha and the Omega” (Rev 1:8), points towards the attribute of God’s eternality.
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  39. The martyrs who cry out for vengeance during the fifth seal (Rev 6:9-11) comprise the martyrs from the church age alone and do not comprise Tribulation saints.
  40. The fine linen adorning the Bride of Christ stands for the righteous acts of the saints.
  41. According to Hindson, the invasion of locusts must be describing a human invasion; to speculate upon a purely supernatural or demonic invasion is to be overly literal with the text.
  42. According to Hindson, the army of 200,000 that come as a part of the sixth trumpet judgment is best viewed as an attacking horde of demons.
  43. The 144,000 are described in Revelation as divided among the twelve tribes of Israel, 12,000 coming from each tribe.
  44. The depiction of the eternal state in Revelation 22 suggests that in that state the divine curse of Genesis 3 will be finally removed.
  45. Revelation describes the whole of mankind coming to repentance after the millennium, thus the story of man culminates in a heavenly scene of universal salvation for all.
  46. According to Hindson, Revelation is best understood when one separates that which refers to Israel and that which refers to the church.
  47. Modern amillennialism teaches that Israel has been “replaced” by the church and that national Israel has no place in God’s future prophetic program.
  48. In Revelation 20, Gog and Magog refer to the Beast and the False Prophet.
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  50. The inhabitants of the earth who experience the wrath of the sixth seal cry out in repentance, and there is a general end-time revival that takes place at this juncture in the prophetic timeline.
  51. To the church at Thyatira, the “angel” promises to send the “morning star,” which according to Revelation 22:16, is Christ Himself.
  52. The saints who are martyred by the Antichrist are said to have experienced the “second death” (20:5-6).
  53. Revelation 19 describes the wedding of the Lamb.
  54. The actual title of Revelation, as given in the opening of the book, is “The Revelation of St. John the Divine.”
  55. The fifth trumpet judgment is described as an invasion of locusts coming out of the Abyss.

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