Download New Liberty CJUS 230 APA Ch. 4 Quiz Answers

Download New Liberty CJUS 230 APA Ch. 4 Quiz Answers

  • Preferably, the following should be written as numerals as opposed to spelling the numbers:
  • It is never preferred to use a capital letter after the colon when the clause following the sentence is a complete sentence.
  • Preferably you would not use periods in the following circumstance(s):
  • Preferably you would use two spaces at the end of a sentence.
  • Which of the following are preferable with respect to the setting of the year in exact dates?
  • You should use quotations marks in this (these) examples:
  • You may never use a dash in APA writing to indicate a sudden interruption in the flow or continuity of a sentence.
  • Preferably you would use periods in the following circumstance(s):
  • You should always use quotations to set off block quotes.
  • It is appropriate to use a semicolon(s) when a series already has comas.

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