Download New Liberty RLGN 325 Discussion 1 Answers

Download New Liberty RLGN 325 Discussion 1 Answers

Topic: “Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible”

Thread: Using information from Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible, respond to the following questions:

Is the Old Testament still relevant for Christians today? Explain.

What did Jesus mean when he said that there were things written about him in the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms (Luke 24:44)? Explain.

How does an understanding of the “big picture” of the Bible help us to understand smaller sections of the Bible (individual verses, paragraphs, stories, books)? Explain.

Replies: In your replies, you must include the following:

In which areas do you agree and/or disagree with your classmates’ answers? Explain.

Are there any statements that require clarification? Explain.

Identify at least 1 presupposition in your classmate’s thread, and explain why you agree or disagree with his/her presupposition(s).

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